Alessandro Crimi – A Night In The Forest EP (bsc 017)


Born in Austria and raised in Switzerland, Alessandro Crimi has always been consumed by music. He began learning the piano at the age of eight and later moved on to discover software-synthesizers. Crimi continues to explore various approaches to creating music, producing ambient, dub, house and minimal techno, but regardless of the genre he always keeps it deep and sultry. Crimi’s work has appeared on such labels as Italic, Broque, Geilomat, Sthlmaudio Recordings and many others.

On A Night In The Forest, Alessandro Crimi delivers seamless quality dub techno inspired grooves. Nachtwald opens with echoing chords and panning effects combined with a steady 4/4 rhythm, propelling the listener forward. Nebelwald is a gradual building atmospheric dub techno soundscape, immersing you deep within its floating textures. Waldlichtung closes the EP with a beautiful soft dub techno composition with light floating ambiance and textural crackling.

Basic Sounds Netlabel


1 – Nachtwald
2 – Nebelwald
3 – Waldlichtung


Download Alessandro Crimi – A Night In The Forest EP (53.4 mb)


  1. Something about the biography struck me..or it was the picture? But I’m downloading the album alredy. Thanks a lot!

  2. Alex61, it was the picture for me. It looked haunting while at the same time dreamy. If the music is as good as intriguing as the photo, I am sure it is worth downloading.I am doing that right now.

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