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Fans of Fingers in the noise usually like dub techno and electronica so here’s a mix in that vein : FIN in 2h02! Meet one the most talented producers of electronic music in France!

1) Intro
2) Amnesia
3) Reduced
4) Petits cailloux (Glitch ambient live session)
5) Little kosmos in my head – feat. Genoveva
6) Hot sand
7) Plenitude
8) Sounds from the moon
9) Last dream before we sleep
10) Sleeping sun
11) Amazone
12) Echo system – feat. Genoveva
13) Flying panda
14) Close your door
15) Dead river
16) Lars Leonard – Olearia (FIN Remix)
17) ColorLess
18) Open source (Pulse code modulation remix)
19) Gaussian blur
20) Du bruit derrière la porte
21) Deep episode (Sonitus eco mix)
22) L’acrobate
23) CTRL + N I
24) CTRL + N + II

[Dub Techno Mix] Fingers In The Noise – Stachecast #010

After being out of circulation for quite some time, MoustacheMusic is finally back on track. With great patience we reserved Stachecast 10 for a master in his own kind. Laurent Bisch aka Fingers in The Noise, father of 3, has a profound love for ambient, dub(techno), deep and experimental.

This hardworking veteran started producing music over 20 years ago. He is a world renowned and respected example for many young producers. On his YouTube-channel he is more than likely to share his knowledge through tutorial means.

Throughout the years, Fingers in The Noise has built up an impressive discography, with releases on various labels. Ever since he traded party lifestyles to becoming a dedicated family man, he has devoted his spare time composing music.

Fingers in The Noise would like to dedicate this guestmix as a tribute to the recent events of Paris’ Charlie Hebdo. It is in that spirit this Stachecast will be named “We are all Charlie”.
Laurent, we would like to thank you again for contributing to our Stachecast Series!

Like always, “substance” remains the keyword to our humble musical project.

Stream and download this exclusive session in HQ. Broadcasted live at @UnibrowRadio on 11/01/2015

Peace, love & dub



01 – Loscil – Sturgeon Bank [Kranky]
02 – Desove – Echo Park [Entropy Records]
03 – Warmth – A Dusty Place In The Head [Etoka Records]
04 – Sven Laux – White Leaf [Dewtone]
05 – Alexander Dahlmann – Time & Space [AdeptLabel]
06 – Master Margherita & Ermetico – Blue Fish [Ultimae Records]
07 – Andrea Cichecki – Objective [Telrae]
08 – Gapfield – Warm Breeze [Energostatic Records]
09 – Fluxion – Everyday [Echocord]
10 – Organon – Object II [Bandcamp]
11 – Nikosf. – Solution Illusion [MOSHItaka]
12 – Aspect. – Bp4 [Fingers in the Noise Remix] [Cold Fiction Music Label]
13 – Matias Bagato – End [Ayqix’s Version] [Betanol Records]
14 – cv313 – Glasscity [live 4] [Echospace]
15 – Fingers in the Noise – Floating Noise [Tehnofonika Records]
16 – Martin Schulte – Waterfall [Lantern]
17 – Upwellings – Blue Line To Brixton [MOSHItaka]
18 – YAC – Hao [Instabil]
19 – N.d – Luminar Wormhole [Subself]
20 – Krill.minima – Wie Die Wolken Zieht Auch Der Tag Vorbei [Thinner]

[Free Release] Fingers in the Noise – CTRL+N (KOSMO #013001)

FITN is back with a new free release on Kosmo.

hey there,

my new LP from Kosmo Netlabel is out, free EP, ambient & Dubtechno
Enjoy and thank you for your support



1. CTRL+N Part 1
2. CTRL+N Part 2
3. CTRL+N Part 3

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Fingers in the Noise - CTRL+N

[Mix] Fingers in the Noise – Deep Afterhour X-Mas Special Nr. 2

Couldn’t agree more with Deep Afterhour’s introduction to FITN

The second Xmas Special is mixed by the wonderful Fingers In The Noise.

He is one of the greatest Artist for Deep&Dub Techno and Ambient music. I can’t say how much I love his music!!

Deep Afterhour



01 – Nikosf – Sensual Colours (Nikosf end of summer colours mix)
02 – Salz – Stainless Dub (Joergmueller Remix)
03 – P.Laoss – Lake District
04 – Pablo Bolivar – Walk Man Fever (Before Cleaning The Sky Version)
05 – Brickman – In the Rain Version I
06 – Pablo Bolivar – Ion
07 – Automale – Baumrauschen
08 – Ketapilla – Mirrors
09 – Alveol, Mat2Strass – Sleeping Volcano
10 – Tremsch & Metzler – 20 Toes (Salz Remix)
11 – Trucs Et Astuces (Zzzzra) – Retard Chronique
12 – Cio D’Or – Ur

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Fingers in the Noise - Deep Afterhour X-Mas Special Nr. 2 (141.53 mb)

[Mix] Fingers In The Noise – Levitation [Ambient Podcast #1] (December 2012)

Beautiful journey, please support the arists.


01 – Murya – Gray Daze
02 – Geskia! – Walk in the Earth Lights
03 – Alex Under – Lluvia Para Dos
04 – Urenga – Floating Island (Off Land recon)
05 – Hornberger, Tobias – Strands
06 – Fingers in the Noise – Undo & Redo
07 – Sven Laux – They Have Been Marginalized
08 – Fingers in the Noise – Hydrosphere
09 – Chord – Now I Know And I Wish I Never Did
10 – Gubatz & Van Bonn – Marathon (Dublicator’s “Long Distance” Dub)
11 – Aepiel – Shallow Ground (Nitz Remix)
12 – G.R.I.T – TTX-E2
13 – Kevin Andrew – Three Weeks

Download Fingers In The Noise - Levitation [Ambient Podcast #1] (142.6 mb)

[Mix] Fingers In The Noise – Set 4 don’t think #3 (Deep In Dub Podcast 057)

Superb set from FITN with another of his ‘Set 4 don’t think’ mixes. Also a personal thankyou from me for including a few of our tracks on Drift Deeper, it’s always nice to see others getting the same enjoyment of the music we release.

Damn… mr Fitn … this time blow me really away… so prepare the right situation before the first listen to this podcast ! You will thank me for sure !

A spcial podcast, this time mr fitn, show us usually her nice taste in selection of tracks, but in addiction, this time he used some samples, mixed in the right way on the whole mix !

Oh Yes … the maextro is back more strong than ever… and will capture your mind every time you will listen to this journey of dub, ambient dub, dub techno worlds !



01 – Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Sacrifice [4AD]
02 – Zzzzra – Pneuma (filtre lent) [ECc025]
03 – Mr Cloudy – Spring Age [EL.013]
04 – Ekoteknik – For Ayanami [DDR004]
05 – Deni Diezer – In the Noise of Arrhythmia [Soundcloud]
06 – Yan Olsen – Tidloshet [DDR004]
07 – DFRNT – Silent Witness [EDUBCD001]
08 – Purl Deflektion – Growing [DTR018]
09 – Textural Being – Algebra [CTR030]
10 – Esko Barba – Parhelia [SUB.REC.9]
11 – Loscil – Second Narrows [KRANK171]
12 – Fatih Tuter – Harmonia [Bandcamp]
13 – Arc Of Doves – Jupiter [AY001]
14 – Federsen – Stage One [ECD-SP08]
15 – Loscil – Khanahmoot [KRANK171]
16 – Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire – Sidechain [ORN023]
17 – DFRNT – That’s Interesting [EDUBCD001]

… and few field recordings by Fitn.

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Fingers In The Noise – Set 4 don’t think #3 (172 mb)

[Release] Fingers In The Noise – Sounds From The Moon LP (BINE 028 CD)

A full length album from one of my favourite producers is always going to brighten up my day. FITN churns out an enormous amount of high quality tracks year by year and this album is no exception, expect to hear the trademark FITN dub sound on here, 11 tracks filled with depth and emotion.

Embrace the mature and elegant sensation this compact disc brings. One can almost touch the texture of every sound, due to the great care and attention to details put into every tune.

Many years have past since Fingers In The Noise has decided to sped every last ounce of energy on painting with melodies. Since 2011 he is living proof that harmonies, space and rythm go hand in hand when it comes to creating exquisite music. No matter what your mood is, this album will offer a track for it as diversity has never been so coagulated before.

It is strongly recommended that you let each tune unfold itself since every passing detail leaves a mark for the next one to follow, creating a silk like path for the overall message to walk on, straight into your soul. You might find yourself listening to this album for the fourth time in a row, without sensing the time passing by.

Bine Music


01 Le Dormeur
02 Close Your Door
03 Lazy Beat
04 Du Bruit Derriere La Porte
05 Gaussian Blur
06 The Day Before
07 Sounds From The Moon
08 Hot Sand
09 Flying Panda
10 Dead River
11 Amnesia

Buy from (14,90 €)

[Free Tune] Fingers In The Noise – Today It’s Raining Noise (Exaera rework)

Great reworking of the original track.  Exaera you have done FITN proud.

A tribute to Deep/Dub/Ambient artist Fingers In The Noise. Enjoy this free download.


Preview/Stream - Click Here


Download Fingers In The Noise - Today It's Raining Noise (Exaera rework) (20.1 mb)