[Dub Techno Release] Textural Being – Transmission EP (Tiefenrausch 006)

Long time favourite here at Dub Techno Blog, Textural Being is back with an outstanding 3 track ep available on vinyl and digital. Tiefenrausch are becoming one of the ‘buy before listen’ labels in my collection, the previous 5 releases have all been amazing and their 6th is no different. Really hard to choose a favourite track, they are all amazing.

This one gets the Dub Techno Blog Approved stamp.

With their sixth release Tiefenrausch keeps on delivering excellent dubtechno this time by Textural Being from Portland.

We enter the EP with an overwhelming deepness in ‘Safe Places’ and sink right in. With ‘Transmission’ we walk on the thin line between house and dub. A reminiscence to the classy days of disco music combined with roughness par excellence. ‘Descend’ back again under the water surface to get drown into the dubbyness of this Textural Being.

The EP is the first one to come with new Cover artwork. We‘d like to thank Cris for his outstanding artwork of Tiefenrausch 1-5 and are looking forward to marvel at the next 5 releases designed by Alex Ketzer.


All tracks mastered by SALZ.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Safe Places.


Textural Being – Safe Places
Textural Being – Transmission
Textural Being – Descend

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[Release] Textural Being – Stories (Cold Tear Records 030)

Im really loving the artwork for this release, such wonderful, vibrant colours, oh and the music aint that bad either 😀

Seriously though Textural Being (as I’ve said countless times before) is one of the masters and one of my fav producers in this music. I don’t know how he manages to output such sheer quality month on month. Hats off again to you sir.

Cold Tear give you the very generous option to either download for free or buy a digital (via bandcamp) or cd copy. I will link you to the release page and let you decide for yourself.

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Fractal Beach.


1.Trajectory 06:32
2.Algebra 04:40
3.Lasers 05:24
4.Lighthouse 09:25
5.Raincloud 09:14
6.Telluric 06:06
7.Trajectory, pt. 2 08:11
8.Fractal Beach 06:48

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[Preview] Textural Being – Stories LP (Forthcoming on Cold Tear Records)

Here is a track from the forthcoming Textural Being album “Stories”. Very much looking forward to this one. I’ll hopefully have more information for you on the album soon.

So turns out this album will be a CD release, also it will be available in all the online stores like itunes, and of course for free download as well. No remixes only original stuff from TB.

This album will be released 25th September 2012!

[Free Release] DeepWarmth – Shades of Warmth (Cold Fiction Music 038)

Very, very nice release from DeepWarmth & Cold Fiction, with great melodic chords and ambient back drops. The Textural Being remix is something a little special too.

DeepWarmth returns to the label for the second time with another release. This time around he’s diving into the slower side of Dub Techno while still keeping his same style as heard on DW/TB: Split Ep. The Delayed snares are still around, but less present and the smoothness is more apparent in this release. Though he ends out the release with a slight change in style with Released Air. More Ambient Techno than anything, its slow build is not one to be missed. He’s also joined by 2 label mates, Coppice Halifax and Textural Being, who give their interpretations of 2 tracks on the release. If you’re a fan of Dub Techno, this is sure to please.

Cold Fiction Music

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Slower Within.


Carbon Warmth
Slower Within
Released Air
Carbon Warmth [CMX]
Released Air [TB.Warp]


DeepWarmth – Shades of Warmth (68.3 mb)

[Free Release] Zzzzra – Sumo – The Remixes (Deep In Dub 072)

Remixes from some of the biggest names in the scene today.


1 Sumo ( Original Mix ) 5:12
2 Sumo ( F.L.O. Remix ) 6:19
3 Sumo ( At Dawn ) 7:24
4 Sumo ( At Dusk ) 8:20
5 Sumo ( B Mus Dc Reshape ) 6:38
6 Sumo ( Digital Divine Remix ) 4:55
7 Sumo ( Textural Being Remix ) 8:26
8 Sumo ( Maurizio Miceli Ext Live Remix ) 17:29

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Zzzzra – Sumo - The Remixes (190 mb)

[Free Release] Textural Being – En ce moment… (Stasis 011)

I honestly do not know where Textural Being gets the time to create and give away so much AMAZING music.  This LP had me on my knees begging for more as soon as i listened to the first track ‘Sept’ (it’s probably my favourite track on the LP actually)

Trademark Textural Being sounds on this LP, smooth, rolling and hypnotic.

Dear friends and listeners,
We bring you the brigthest emotions for your inner worlds, scenarios for daydreaming and extra colours for warm sunsets.
Energostatic is especially glad to present this supreme LP.

Please welcome the magnificent:

STASIS011 ‘Textural Being – En Ce Moment…’



01 Sept
02 Hailstorm
03 Abszissenwerte
04 Advance
05 Rush
06 Souvenir
07 I Felt
08 Spinning
09 Winter Skys
10 You’re So Amiable

Download Textural Being - En ce moment... LP (176 mb)

[Free Release] Textural Being – Paix EP (Basic Sounds 022)

TB gave the track “Paix” away for free a few months back but I’m happy to see its made it’s way, with 2 other tracks onto a net label release.

Portland based producer Textural Being (aka Sage Taylor) has been composing for well over a decade and has appeared on numerous netlabels specializing in deep and chill electronica. Influenced by the Pacific Northwest, Textural Being’s stylistic approaches vary from deep ambient soundscapes to more immersive dubby techno. His main source of inspiration comes from nature and the rich beauty of his natural environment.

“Les Lucioles” (which translates to “the Fireflies”) is an infectious and grooving dub-techno track that seamlessly incorporates floating textures with deep chugging beats. “Nightshade” is a shimmering and immersive soundscape propelled forward by soft glowing chords, distant floating terrains and pulses. “Paix” closes the release with a hypnotically circulating minimal techno arrangement underpinned with padded bass and lush dub-infected chords.

Basic Sounds


Textural Being – Les lucioles
Textural Being – Nightshade
Textural Being – Paix

Download Textural Being | Paix - Lossless (371 mb)