Bioroot – Liftoff

I’ve been following Bioroot for sometime on soundcloud now and have been asking when on earth he will be releasing all his music (because it sounds bloody good!). Finally I am pleased to announce the new Bioroot Album ‘Liftoff’. A two sided 12 track limited edition 50 copy cassette Album – Including 2 bonus tracks (incl. digital copy) is available as well as a digital only album. It comprises a collection of tracks made over the last couple of years with some of the very first public Bioroot material.

DeepWoods – Portage EP

Deep Electronics proudly presents the new release by DeepWoods.

“Portage”, the latest album by American artist DeepWoods (Monte Schaffer), takes you on a sonic journey through the uninhabited places of the north. The listener will find dubby bass grooves, found sounds and rhythmic chords common to the DeepWoods sound. Enjoy the journey!

Till Krüger – Hope You Are Fine

Another great release from 200 Records.

“Till Krüger delivers his 5th EP on 200 Records. “Hope You Are Fine” is more gently than the releases before. His sublime bass work is paired with divine melodies and crystal clear hi-hats. Enjoy this wonderful journey into Till’s sound.”

BMinor – Deep Forest (DDR014)

Yes we are on Bandcamp and yes we are now releasing commercial releases. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The reason for moving is to better support the artists and this label.

I believe artists should be rewarded for their hard work and creativity. It is this reason that we will be releasing commercial releases on Drift Deeper. Don’t worry we will also still do the odd creative commons release but most will be commercial.

Our first release on Bandcamp is from BMinor. Deep forest music for deep drifting people!