Upwellings – Tales From The Underworld EP – Tiefenrausch 011

The eleventh release of Tiefenrausch sets the start for the third cycle of five deep techno releases. Coming up with a four track EP by Upwellings who contributes his duby “Tales from the Underworld” to the Tiefenrausch catalogue.

With “Echoes From the Past” Upwellings brings the entrance into this musical journey. The immersive groove of “Stones Lullaby” takes us into the deepness of this laid-back dubtechno sound. “When the Lights Fade Away” is the dancefloor focused tune on the B-side of the vinyl while “Hearing the Solar Wind” covers the ambient side of the genre and brings us back to the shore.

The release is designed by Alex Ketzer who joins in for a collaboration with the illustrators Magdalena Paz and Florian Gassmann for the next five releases of the Tiefenrausch label. The audio is mastered by SALZ music and the EP comes shrink wrapped.

Aschella & Ween Deep – Emotional World EP

Winter blows its cold winds on the northern hemisphere and the Aschella and Ween Deep music comes with them.

Two french brothers for a dubtechno EP, this is what Apnea offers you with our 5th release.

Combining their talents, their love for dub-techno and their mastery of deep tones.

Echogarden Compilation #3

For our annual and third Echogarden Compilation we asked for your contributions and once again your participation was overwhelming! We have been thrilled!! Thank you so much!!

We received over 80 great tracks from artists all over the world and we enjoyed listening to all these tracks. It wasn´t easy to decide which tracks to choose and which will find its place on the compilation. For a fair selection process we didn’t watch out for names and popularity but listened to all tracks with closed eyes.

Finally we came up with 22 tracks, available as digital download and on 2 CDs. We hope you love this Dub Techno selection as much as we do!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who took part in this project. Thank you for all your awesome tracks, whether they made it on the compilation or not. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

We are also grateful to “Salz” and his wonderful mastering. Specially when it comes to Dub Techno, mastering by Salz is a real masterpiece:

Bjika – EP 001

The first EP from a fresh new artist, setting the scene with a deep selection of 3 tracks rolling at 114 bpm. Having spent the last year developing a sonic palette and stretching the boundaries of the audio canvas, this is the first in the series of EP’s aimed at blending and bluring between the lines. The forthcoming material will vary in both tempo and texture depending on the areas being explored. A versatile artist of many aspects, definitely one to keep an eye on.

Roberto Clementi – Avesys EP [PETS075]

Out with old, in with the bold… Pets prepare us for a fresh new year start with an early-ears peak at what they have in store for 2017. It starts right here with a techno maestro who – thanks to a deep stash of thoroughbred beats on Soma, Hypercolour, Echocord and Kontra – shouldn’t require much of an introduction: Roberto Clementi.

Resident at Harmonized – one of Italy’s finest underground club institutions – here we find Roberto analysing his role at its fullest flex: the range, versatility and subtlety and the almost important need to master all shades of the night: the ability to set the scene and prepare the countdown, knowing when to play the lead and knowing how to bring things home with respect to the dancefloor who make the party every single trip.

Coppice Halifax Releases Retrospective Album Spanning 10 Years Of His Work

So much good music!!!

Coppice Halifax, originally a Milieu side-project, has now aged a decade. After a full year of painstaking selection, editing, sequencing and mastering, VAPORIZED FOREST INDEX is finally complete. A beginner’s guide to the dense subtropical forests and the sprawling Atlantic seaside. Writing and assembling this collection has felt surreal and almost predetermined, as the track selection ended up numbering 33, while I am in my 33rd year. Three discs, as well – themselves grouped according to the general peaks and valleys of the Halifaxian oeuvre – spanning four hours of material from 2006 to 2016.