[SV​​-​​12] Mr. Cloudy – Cloudy Tracks

We move on with the summer days and our next chapter! We present to you atention the SV-12! 12 wonderful rarest tracks from Mr. Cloudy, deep, airy, rainy travel, take that November Night or Lumen tracks, dark as well, and the permanent Sleepy Vigil trilogy, keep us good to travel with Mr. Cloudy on his hypnotic worlds. Autumn Leaves and Rustle Of Morning Stars keep us warmer and kind, and awake with Smoke Spring. With Deep Road we are moving to new discoveries. And that’s not all for sure, the White Rain is soothingly good to close this album. Here are collected all the cool deep rarest Mr. Cloudy tracks! Wonderful sound designs and deep cloudy soundscapes for explore and deep journey is highly recommended!

Pemë – Wooded Ghost (Etoka Records)

Mysterious and puzzling sound structures entering unknown landscapes, surrounded by hidden paths and irregular shades. The Artists are reflecting their inspirations by an old Japanese legend about spirits, called KODAMA, that lived in over hundred year old trees. Fascinated by wildness and beauty of nature, Pemë express their vision through their music where every composition reveals its own story.

Heavenchord – On a Beach of Infinite Worlds

Default Position are proud to announce brand new dubtechno EP –
“On A Beach Of Infinite Worlds” by Heavenchord.

The title track takes us on a journey to the ethereal shores of a far away star. Sit back and let your imagination run wild as we explore this alien dub landscape, awash with ocean waves and the distant calls of sentient sea gulls.

Radius – Interpolation tapes [restoration one]

In prelude to this year’s Movement Festival [Detroit], Echospace is proud to announce a brand new, three-part project culled from sounds created nearly 20 years ago. Radius’s “Interpolation Tapes” (Restoration One) is the first part in a series of three releases featuring future classics from the vault of Stephen Hitchell’s (cv313/echospace/intrusion) Radius project, a rich analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit, Techno City. The music stems from cassette recordings conducted from 1994-2001 with nothing but analog/digital hardware, no computer in sight. The Radius project has been virtually absent since the final vinyl release in 2001, the first 12″ appearing in 1996 (limited white label run of 100 copies pressed at Acme pressing in Canada) after revisiting these works we realized there was truly some magic here which came to form with a double CD album, “Obsolete Machines” back in March, featuring beautiful reworks and reshapes from cv313. These were also part of the original tape sessions for a project initially sent to Rod Modell & Mike Schommer (for consideration for release on their brilliant deepchord imprint) back in 2001. Given their imprint was a home for their own personal recordings, this entire project has never seen the light of day. This work has been collecting dust in our cassette rack for nearly 20 years now and we’ve finally brought it all back to life.

Heavenchord – From Silent Constellation LP

Silence – this is like the echo of the eternity. The album is about identity searching, looking for what is going to be and how we can govern it in the positive way . The album make us think of the silence in our solves , in the world, in other people and everything . We want to touch upon that pieces of man’s universe which are often forgotten in everyday flux of noise and information. Many of us set to looking in the sky so rarely. We pay attention to loud or outrageous while there are so many beautiful things inside of us. Our rash is plunging us into the dark , eclipses us from what we really are and we stop observing great opportunities of our internal universe . Silence and peace give us understanding and comprehension. If the person is bored being in privacy it is high time to ring the alarm bell. Our life is not just the train of events……