Christoph Schindling – Unterholz

Includes nine dubtechno/ambient tracks Christoph created between 2010 and 2012 …

You all have no idea how long I have been waiting for a full release of the Wanderlust track. Give it a listen and you’ll understand why!


1.Unterholz 07:16
2.Undefined 08:02
3.Gleiten 05:02
4.On some nights you just have to follow the lights behind those hills 07:56
5.Mr Valentine 06:34
6.Suppenkasper 08:42
7.In a hurry 05:26
8.Wanderlust 07:52
9.Whirlpool 07:44

Luca Agnelli – Optical EP

Following on from his joint effort alongside Marco Faraone for Desolat X in 2013, Luga Agnelli turns in a solo release for Desolat in April 2015. The release comprises six cuts that demonstrate the young Italians finely honed production skills and his feel for punchy peak time affairs.

Federsen & Tomas Rubeck – Dewpoint EP

Federsen returns to Fifth Interval for another sublime installment of dance floor friendly dub-techno. Dewpoint is an altogether tighter affair when compared to the label’s first release, Point Reyes.

The drums are taut and razor-sharp, propelling the listener effortlessly through a dense fog of ferric clouds, swelling to fill the outer-reaches of the echo chamber. A highly polished metallic production style that can be compared to some of Andy Stott’s early and classic works.

Tomas Rubek remixes Dewpoint for the B-side, remaining faithful to the original track’s structure but viewing it through a tinted lens. Dewpoint’s chords become iridescent, kick drums fall into a straighter pattern and are backed by further dusty percussion, shifting the original into spheres inhabited by the likes of Rod Modell and Fluxion.

Various – Aliēnus (Grounded In Humanity)

Best compilation of 2015 so far and likely to be of the whole year. Essential purchase.

GiH proudly presents our new label, “aliēnus”. The first reference is a various artists compilation that introduces the concept of human decay in dystopian megacities. Humankind is a foreigner in the third planet of the Solar System and the ultimate responsible for its terrible ostracism in no other than this miserable creature’s consciousness.

“…Human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law…”


1.P. Laoss – Grinding Noise
2.Dublicator – Dawn (Sleepy Dub)
3.img_02 – Grey Pattern
4.Federsen – OSC2
5.HVL – Behind Frontier Fields
6.Wil – Tripolar IV
7.Regulus Rex – Universal Rhythm
8.J.S.Zeiter – State (JS RMX3)
9.Pellarin – September
10.Gblanco – The Self Illusion

Ozy – Distant Present LP

Icelandic music indie / underground scene. Icelandic dub techno label Thule Records, wchich was run from 1997 by artists such as Sanasol, Exos, Thor, Octal and Ozy (Örnólfur Thorlacius). From deep underground music scene in Iceland, finally we will release Ozy new album “Distant Present”.

In 2002, he released debut album “Tokei” from Force Inc./Mille Plateaux, bringing Ozy to the attention of a wide international audience. Also “Tokei” has been getting recommendation of 12 Tonar Records for a long time.