BMinor – Deep Forest (DDR014)

Yes we are on Bandcamp and yes we are now releasing commercial releases. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The reason for moving is to better support the artists and this label.

I believe artists should be rewarded for their hard work and creativity. It is this reason that we will be releasing commercial releases on Drift Deeper. Don’t worry we will also still do the odd creative commons release but most will be commercial.

Our first release on Bandcamp is from BMinor. Deep forest music for deep drifting people!

Heavenchord – The Shape Of Things To Come

13 percents from every sale of this album will be donated to the project “The Flowers of Life “, Kaliningrad , Russia, which helps to the disabled children to develop creatively and organize for them workshops with the best tutors and masters of vocal, photography, theater , cooking , floristry and other kind of arts so that they can find their mission in this life. We do think it is a great idea to help this young people to find light of creating in their solves and share it with the others so we all support.

The author Artur Galstyan says that music is the closest to his soul kind of art and it is in charge of the ethical side of our solves. He really thinks the musician must raise the human to the kind feelings and light experiences.

Heavenchord liked music since his childhood. In 1998 Arthur started DJ’ing. In 2002-2004 he took part in organizing rave parties and international electronic music festivals together with Hardskull & Liquid Moon in Armenia. After moving to South of Russia, he started producing his own original music and became a resident in local chill out and lounge bars. Music production is the main thing in Arthur’s life. His production is always based on experiments, psychedelic and personal sound synthesis, although Heavenchord is more about classic dub techno, with heavy chords and tape hiss.

Ekstendia – The road to Soniel EP incl. Sheebo & Ort3d Remixes

Pure dub techno music from cold Russia, this time is Andrey Ekesendia to give these two original track, slow, like snowflakes falling in Siberia. Tracks that contain the secret of dubtecno music, or the vastness of landscapes, the cold that almost becomes warm, the spirit of nature. Road to Soniel … a road leading somewhere … A remix from Ort3d young talents based in Gos Music, a livelier work but always steady and slow. Sheebo Instead, the German producer (gunner), has been involved in Rishikesh in the hand … has pulled out a cannon … suits to destroy everything , but always maintaining grace and kindness. A good collective work of three artists. Great EP from the dubtechno net label of South Italy.

Giriu Dvasios – Buti

Girių Dvasios started just as a cool name for my dub techno works. I always visualized forests and nature when I was listening to this music, that‘s why I picked this name. I also visualized the same as I was making this music. As a result I fell in love with nature. In this process I realized that a human is not something separated from it. There are no separate things, everything is one, and everything is related and connected. Therefore, If you do not respect nature, you probably don‘t respect your self or other people as well. To throw trash around our planet is equal to trash your own body and soul. I believe that in order to save our planet and humanity, every person has to see him self as an inseparable part of the nature. And I hope that my music is helping people to do that.

Tissu – Space Loop EP

Tissu finally makes the leap from Mörk to the LT main label with another delirious EP of swampy and woozy late night house tales.

Drawing off the sound of his earlier work, the Space Loop EP mashes together the more ambiguously low pass-filtered style of ambient house with the thumping and racheting sounds of space station maneuvering, interstellar mechanics and cloud-skimming high-altitude plane excursions.

Locked in a rotating motion all of it’s own, Space Loop builds layers of space dust, Earth-beamed transmissions and NASA ramblings alongside distorted rhythmic hat work and throbbing kick ‘n’ bass.

RV Jam takes the same formula but applies a shedload of heaving swing into the mix plus a delay-drenched crystalline-cave synth pattern that echoes into the night throughout the Southern Icelandic region under the Northern Lights.

Lastly, Filter Dub sees two outings for the release. The Tissu-leaning Original Mix buzzes with rippling acid lines and more dub-delayed pads and skittering percussion on a smooth mix-down. Whilst the LT-preferred Hard Mix ramps up the percussive medley for a more intense and raw assault of drums and textures.

Matthias Springer / Helly Larson / Frank Hellmond – Turmfalke 2×12″ Vinyl – Episode 1&2

Matthias Springer’s Turmfalke is a special Vinyl project based on inviting friends for crossover remixing some deep tracks. Starting with Frank Hellmond on Episode One, Helly Larson followed on EpisodeTwo, both Records are now available as 2×12″ with a special price, exclusively on Bandcamp!


1.Frank Hellmond – Divine Insolence feat. Snowflake 07:15
2.Frank Hellmond – Divine Insolence feat. Snowflake (Matthias Springer Remix) 06:50
3.Matthias Springer – Mandrake Groove 05:57
4.Mandrake Groove (Frank Hellmond Remix) 06:42
5.Helly Larson – Rescue Me 07:58
6.Helly Larson – Rescue Me (Matthias Springer Remix) 05:55
7.Matthias Springer – Alea Iacta Est 08:01
8.Alea Iacta Est (Helly Larson Remix) 06:09

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