Moduleset – Form LP (CUT039)

Winter is descending in the Northern hemisphere, and with it comes the deep, dub-techno explorations from prolific Russian producer Moduleset.

After his weightier dark-ambient techno release on Brightest Dark Place, Moduleset has lightened the tone somewhat for these 7 tracks. Combining his mastery of ambient tones, his love of dub-techno and his ear for a low-end rumble.

About Cut Records: Originally started as a net-label providing free music, Cut has grown into a subscription-based label, releasing new EPs and albums exclusively to subscribers every month. For a tiny monthly fee, subscribers get instant-access to all Cut’s previous releases, and every new release as soon as it’s available.

Turing – Memories (Label)

From Label’s Halloween compilation ‘Memento mori’ – Turing’s first release with Label is filled with Deep dub techno synths with a knocking kick and tight snare bring this track life with a ride that cuts through mix to make is move on the dance floor of those small late night basement clubs.

This is Turing’s first release on label, It’s not his last, with an EP on the way ‘Kiri’ with 2 tracks of Deep / Dub techno and remixes from Detroit natives Percival & Pappa Sierra.

Robodis – The Others [XRCST009]

Another great release from Xrcst, this one is coming 10/10/2015.

The Others by Slovak-Polish duo Robodis is a minimal techno exploration journey to other planets in a club-ready space vessel. Propelled by Tex Bates and Michal Jablonski with their banging techno remixes of the idea and finally Jozef Nemcek supplying more mellow dub techno version for the extraterrestrial sunsets.