4Plae Records debut release ‘The Franchise EP’

‘The Franchise EP’ is the first of many collective releases from 4Plae Records, a London based label launched at the start of this year. The label stands for creativity and up and coming artists, as well as making connections between a new wave of artists and some producers who have been on the scene for a while now.

This first release consists of 4 tracks from various artists from different places over the globe.

‘Inspired by A Lost City’ by El Choop (a Bristol based hardware finatic) and ‘Personal Motives’ by Nirgoona Project are very progressive and ambient dub techno tracks which have both an energetic and laid-back factor. The second track on the EP is an upbeat deep house track, ‘Untitled#02′ by SuCaz is a unique sounding track with a with a lot of funk and soul in it, whilst the final track – ADMNTi’s ‘Stuper’ – sits somewhere in the middle of the other sounds on the release.

Mikael Delta – Inner City Light (Cold Tear Records)

Mikael Delta began his career in early 90’s as a member of a band called Stereo Nova. In 1994 he released his first solo EP on R&S Records. Later he worked with labels like Glasgow Underground, Distance records, Seamless Recordings and others. His latest release is a dub techno album

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Rjega and Schinzel – Exo EP

A lot of time flowed since the last DimbiDeep Vinyl, so we are very happy to announce that we are back in 2015 with the new DimbiDeep Vinyl Series, including a new layout. For the already 7th Vinyl we come up with the swiss dub techno warriors Fabian Schinzel & Rjega presenting an epic deep journey with their Exo EP featuring a great remix by Alessandro Crimi. Just to let you know, some of you might know Fabian better as XEED for his great Dub Techno Dj Mixes during the last years. Enjoy the trip!


1. Exonova
2. Exonova (Alessandro Crimi remix)
3. Exotope

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Segv & Appian – Janky (SLYFOX 002)

After their first split release on Sly Fox two years ago, Segv and Appian are back together again for round two and in both cases the approach to deep, crafty techno demands attention from the off. Segv’s “Janky” has a sharp drum section buffed with plenty of kinks in the otherwise steadfast groove, while a slick dub chord pulses through the core of the track.

Appian has a lighter, skipping flavour at work on “Re:Shell”, with a punchy bassline anchoring the track while swishing chords try to offset the swung funk of the beat. In both instances there is a distinctive, addictive quality that should get these two emerging producers plenty of air time.

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Porya Hatami – Shallow Remixed

Mastered by Nikos Fragomanolakis / deepsoundsmastering.com
Photo by Patrick Lienin / morningblues.de

Special thanks to Marc Ostermeier and Tench Records.
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Zzzzra – L’entraide EP

Truth or Consequences first release is coming from master of techno Zzzzra.

Finest deep and dubby stuff for a special 6 tracks EP, a climax of sounds and harmonics that carries the listener to a higher emotional state.

On the flip, Francesco Belfiore delivers the mirror of his hypnotic and straight techno soul, gifting us a trippy mix of “La Ritournelle Satanique”.