Roberto Clementi – Avesys EP [PETS075]

Out with old, in with the bold… Pets prepare us for a fresh new year start with an early-ears peak at what they have in store for 2017. It starts right here with a techno maestro who – thanks to a deep stash of thoroughbred beats on Soma, Hypercolour, Echocord and Kontra – shouldn’t require much of an introduction: Roberto Clementi.

Resident at Harmonized – one of Italy’s finest underground club institutions – here we find Roberto analysing his role at its fullest flex: the range, versatility and subtlety and the almost important need to master all shades of the night: the ability to set the scene and prepare the countdown, knowing when to play the lead and knowing how to bring things home with respect to the dancefloor who make the party every single trip.

Coppice Halifax Releases Retrospective Album Spanning 10 Years Of His Work

So much good music!!!

Coppice Halifax, originally a Milieu side-project, has now aged a decade. After a full year of painstaking selection, editing, sequencing and mastering, VAPORIZED FOREST INDEX is finally complete. A beginner’s guide to the dense subtropical forests and the sprawling Atlantic seaside. Writing and assembling this collection has felt surreal and almost predetermined, as the track selection ended up numbering 33, while I am in my 33rd year. Three discs, as well – themselves grouped according to the general peaks and valleys of the Halifaxian oeuvre – spanning four hours of material from 2006 to 2016.

Midub – Großglockner Phase EP

We invite you to plunge into the music of mountains. This summer our musician Midub has been traveling in the mountains, inspired by the atmosphere he writes several magnificent tracks, letting us fell the smell of the snow lying at tops, fresh wind and plunge into the world of beauty. Feelings of freedom, a bit of excitement from overcoming obstacles. All of this are mountains, wonderful creation of the nature, where we can stay alone and think over the meaning of life.
Higher to the mountains is closer to God.
Have a nice trip

hello strange story #2

We want to see the outgoing 2016 off with a new story. Lets the new year bring happiness to all of us and open new avenues for the development . we have collected for you a new story, the story of people who are giving to all of us happiness through the music. magical music of the senses – dub techno.

Thanks to:
– Artists
– Twin Peetz for mastering [ ]
– Dmitriy for design [ ]
– You

Roman Fahls – Iberia

Faroe Island based producer Roman Fahls has been producing music under various monikers for 4 years. His self-titled project comes in the form of techno inspired ambient soundscapes, layered with thick warm pads and distorted beats. With these elements and the experimentation in track structure, Roman has created a sound that works as well on headphones as it does on the dancefloor.