Monomood – Unexpected Perceptions [ETUILTD011]

It’s been a while since Etui last dropped a vinyl release (ETUILTD010 was excellent, check it here) and they are back in spectacular fashion! Like almost everything Etui put out, I’m tagging this under the Dub Techno Blog Stamp of Approval! Essential Purchase!

Monomood returns to his dubby roots with his fantastic laid back and atmospheric EP Unexpected Perceptions on Etui Records. Remembering the frost and darkness, the first track Wjnter can’t hide it’s origin. Cold chords and warm synths are creating the unique feeling of gloomy days in winter.

With Spuukj Dub on the flip you get a reduced echo-tool with haunting vocals and complex delay structures. Finally Monomood layers some pads and reverbs in the last track Dronje before breaking up the tune with a stunning piano & string combination. Goosebumps.

[SV​-​10] Mr. Cloudy – Inspired

Incredible new release from Mr Cloudy and Space of Variants. Certainly a duo that also delivers top quality dub. Essential listening.

Inspired is the illuminated state of consciousness. Four tracks are smoothly mutating looped and dub delays already you are shrouded! Direct assertive drums confidently go forward like an icebreaker and reverb delays mixing with the hissing old tapes atmospheres. Recorded in the spring days, fixed when the consciousness traveled through otherworldly.

release by Space Of Variants 2017 / Russia

Merv – Blank EP

Minimood welcomes Copenhagen based master duo MERV for two tantalising new tracks, and thus continues the reductionist dub techno stance the label has been advocating lately. After 2 decades of silence, this new EP marks MERV’s first new material and suggests that they have lost none of their magic touch. BLANK I is nine minutes of expert and exquisite dub techno. The kicks ping with an infectious thump, the dub chords are fantastically crisp and well crafted as they float in space and swallow up the drums. Widescreen and edgeless, warm dubby techno. BLANK II is a equally stripped-back and elegant dub techno affair as BLANK I, yet with a more upright and direct twist. Slapping hits and lively chords are riding above the rolling, loopy drums. A ride that will guide through the deepest nights. Vinyl Only!

Contium releases “Sonic Points” on cassette

After their last two vinyl releases, the Argentine-German duo comes in a new format. The new material called Sonic Points is available on cassette and digital files.

The five tracks on this 30 minutes tape lead us through different scenarios: side A begins with “Pylon” and “Ribbon Windows” showing Contium’s view of dubtechno and the characteristic echoes. The third track called “Roof Terrace” is a stepping, techno tool with heavy bass line. A pulsating ambient-dubtechno called “Free Plan” opens the B side, which closes with “Façade”, a techno tune with a melancholic, four-chords harmony.

Contium sonic explorations started over a decade ago. Since then, their journey through the vast universe of electronic music has taken them beyond limits of genre classifications. Contium live acts are based on improvisation, so every performance is unique. In 2015 they launched their own label, releasing ‘Aeromagnetic Wave EP’ and later ‘Metroide EP’ in 2016.

Sven Weisemann – Separate Paths EP

A year after his first release on the label, German deepsmith Sven Weisemann is back on Delsin with a sophomore effort entitled Separate Paths. Down for his moody outings on labels like Mojuba and Telrae, this new four track affair continues to mark out the man behind it as a master of atmosphere. Grooves floating in mid air and subtle melodies drift by like half remembered thoughts. Head music that also makes your body move. It may only be four tracks long, but this EP truly takes you on a journey somewhere far away from this world.

Smooth – Contemporary Past

A massive journey into deep Dubtechno, close to 3 hours of sound exploration.

On his sixth album, german producer Smooth lays the musical path from noisy, Ambient influenced spheres to Detroit influenced textures and soundscapes.

Inspired by earlier releases of labels like Echochord, Echospace Detroit or Chain Reaction, this album nicely blends all styles together into one meditative and hypnotic musical experience.

16 tracks are waiting for your personal exploration!