ZZZZRA inaugurates the Romance Col. with 3 dub techno and 1 unforgiving ambient track.

Classic Zzzzra sound on this one, love it! Immanence is the inaugural release on Romance born from a creative partnership between the sonic world, and it’s symbiotic visual realm.

A collaborative project; the first of a ten part series, Immanence marries dub techno connoisseur Zzzzra with UK photographer Katelyn Playford in their own artistic realisations of philosophical theories of divine presence. Tasked with sound tracking Immanence into four dub techno masterpieces; Zzzzra’s own sensual and romantic interpretation of immanence transcends through the eyes of Katelyn’s striking photography, manifesting into a visual immanent of the female aura. The resulting destination is a thought provoking piece of sensory art that implores to suggest that, much like the purity and sexuality of the female form; neither the simplicity of the visual, nor the intensity of the auditory, can exist in a world without the other.

With previous releases on labels such as Ferro Tape and his own imprint Perso records, Zzzzra steps up with premeditated delays, precise hiss sways and deeper chord stabs that make for a remarkable body of work. Opening with class, Plan d’consistance drives aggressively with

a pummelling bottom which flirts with sensual chord hits, in a filtered and spacious atmosphere of white noise. A1 is a lethal tool for the peak hour lover. A2 is a successful lure into a windy coast on the depths of dub techno. Floating with glacial sweeps, precision delays and engaging chord structures, Zzzzra showcases mastery of the genre.

The B side enters with Douce Mollesse, a sedative, sensual and romantic techno cut served on the optimal tempo. Whispering dust, precision chord hits over a seductive baseline vividly portrays the aura of the accompanying artwork. The project closes with a slow burning ambient excursion which transcends into an intense rumble of field recordings. In its dark and curious nature, Aurore pneumatic is an ambient masterpiece which summons the innate emotions surrounding romance and divine presence for the artist.

Packaged by Studio LP in the pure female nude black and white photograph by Katelyn Playford, Immanence is an artistic audio and visual exploration of immanence.

A1 Plan de consistance A2 Plan d’immanence B1 Douce Mollesse
B2 Aurore pneumatique


Release Date
23 March 2017

Vinyl (limited to 300) and digital

Catalogue Number

Techno, Dub Techno, Ambient