Fleeting Thoughts by Various Artists (ODrex Trip 008)

Fleeting Thoughts has been in the works for while and we are very proud to bring you this release. Many artists have participated and shown love for this odyssey.
Let your body, mind & soul travel 😉

Nntblst’s album debut “Special Defects” on Recycled Plastics.

Nntblst is a talented young man from Chile who is interested in techno, dachshunds and finding his way via both hardware and software – basically, three of the best things to spend your time on! Special Defects, his debut recordings for Recycled Plastics, are in some parts minimal techno, in others, deep droning synthesizer constructs, scratching our itch for things like Kompakt and maybe even some Sleeparchive or Pan Sonic. “Think” is an austere filter-riding drumless beast, and “Dachshunds” could easily have appeared on a Reinhard Voigt 12″ in the Speicher series. Nntblst is a frequent live performer, so you can enjoy his material in both live club environments and headphones/home hi-fi setups, knowing he’s fully rinsed these tracks in front of unsuspecting crowds.

For those of you who prefer hard techno to be an equally physical affair, there is a limited edition CD-R version of Special Defects containing two bonus tracks – “Rethink”, a rhythmic alternate version of “Think”, and a Coppice Halifax remix of “Risset Overtones” that might just destroy your speakers if the rest of the album doesn’t do it first. Get in!

Outward Roots – Moonlit Trees

After two successful EPs, Outward Roots is pleased to finally release their first LP titled “Moonlit Trees”.

Almost as if it came straight out of the 90s Techno scene alongside albums like AFX’s “Selected Ambient Works” & LFO’s classic “Frequencies”, this album combines lush soundscapes with stripped back, to-the-point drum patterns making this album minimal dance music in the purist form

Liquid Delay – 8.3_FM

Liquid Delay, a duo from Slovakia, are the artists who signs the third release by Archives. We have been following them for a long time amazed by their creative sound, that mixes uncanny ambient lines with a wide deep aesthetic. Their debut on the label also includes a remix by Francesco Belfiore, label head on italian imprint Truth or Consequences, with an ambient-techno twist for the darkly addictive ‘8.3FM’.

[Free Dub Techno Release] Glossata – Moss & Ivory

God I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since Emily released her last (amazing) album.  Fortuneatly she’s back in 2014 with another excellent album. Like Pearls and Smoke this new album features a mixture of dub techno, melodic techno and bvdub-style ambient. It’s available for free so go check it.


1.Eidolic Reflection 02:32
2.Lost in Your Cellars (So Stellar) 09:09
3.Luna Lake 07:36
4.Red Velvet 12:53
5.In the Dark, Blushing Divinely 02:48
6.An Act of Grace 06:00
7.Vapour Waves 06:17

[Free Dub Techno Release] Substak/Triames – In Absentia

Second release of Eclectic Reactions, an EP by the Greek artist Substak and the Basque Triames.

[Free Dub Techno Release] Dylan Check – Caravan EP

Compared to the likes of Nick Holder and Leyton Glen, Dylan Taylor, the person behind the dylan check alias brings us a living proof of the rawest form of self indulgence. Focusing more on the emotional impact, it truly represents something grander that what is heard by the ear.

Caravan, The beginning, a persistent and hopeful journey, unaware of its destination leads us through a hypnotic trace of calming, minimal, and transcendental aspects. Glued together by a moving line of percussion that doesn’t let go, keeping everything in its place. Alongside the kick and contrasting bass, it goes in and out between luscious pads and a ‘hopeful’ vocal line; the element that most appreciatively defines the tracks attitude. It tends to fold out on the more ambient, dub side of techno.

D. Tiffany holds the place of Caravan’s remix. Her pulsating interpretation of the track lets the the whole sound reshape in a newer light. From her tasteful mid-ranged tom line and driving kick, to her raw percussion that gives us a different attitude, carrying the slowly, yet surely building elements from its modest beginnings to the most confident sounding interpretation to be heard.

Off the Path leaves late at night, going in another direction. Like caravan, we see the same recurring theme. The (much louder) kick is more evident in this journey, much more aware of its place here. Alongside the careful footsteps, It leaves the extra space for the inspiring, warm synth to really express its self. Building, gliding, and restating its breathless beauty every chance it gets. The minimal, careful percussion supports these subjects as they unfold. The blanker canvas gives more room for these expressions to breathe.”

“We walked all day, so that we could take each others breath away…”

Download Dylan Check - Caravan EP