Christoph Schindling – Unterholz

Includes nine dubtechno/ambient tracks Christoph created between 2010 and 2012 …

You all have no idea how long I have been waiting for a full release of the Wanderlust track. Give it a listen and you’ll understand why!


1.Unterholz 07:16
2.Undefined 08:02
3.Gleiten 05:02
4.On some nights you just have to follow the lights behind those hills 07:56
5.Mr Valentine 06:34
6.Suppenkasper 08:42
7.In a hurry 05:26
8.Wanderlust 07:52
9.Whirlpool 07:44

Luca Agnelli – Optical EP

Following on from his joint effort alongside Marco Faraone for Desolat X in 2013, Luga Agnelli turns in a solo release for Desolat in April 2015. The release comprises six cuts that demonstrate the young Italians finely honed production skills and his feel for punchy peak time affairs.

Federsen & Tomas Rubeck – Dewpoint EP

Federsen returns to Fifth Interval for another sublime installment of dance floor friendly dub-techno. Dewpoint is an altogether tighter affair when compared to the label’s first release, Point Reyes.

The drums are taut and razor-sharp, propelling the listener effortlessly through a dense fog of ferric clouds, swelling to fill the outer-reaches of the echo chamber. A highly polished metallic production style that can be compared to some of Andy Stott’s early and classic works.

Tomas Rubek remixes Dewpoint for the B-side, remaining faithful to the original track’s structure but viewing it through a tinted lens. Dewpoint’s chords become iridescent, kick drums fall into a straighter pattern and are backed by further dusty percussion, shifting the original into spheres inhabited by the likes of Rod Modell and Fluxion.