Союз​​-​​1 [расширенный издание]

Hello dub techno lovers! Here’s a spaced out sonic tribute to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. 6 tracks of dub techno inspired by the Soviet space program’s tragic loss of the late cosmonaut commander.

Soyuz 1 [extended edition] is an expanded album length version of the sonic tribute to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. This version includes the “Soyuz 1” and “KGB” versions, together adding over 30 more minutes of a dub techno soundtrack inspired by the Soviet space program’s tragic loss of cosmonaut commander Vladimir Komarov.

Histibe presents GLYBYNY – Turing Selection.

Welcome to beautiful otherworldly sounds met by extraordinary visuals in the imaginary tunnel between Kyiv and Detroit.

GLYBYNY is a compilation album presented by Histibe as part of his techno and deep electronica journey. It unites electronic music producers from Kyiv, Ukraine and Detroit, US. The main goal is to show underground talents in the form of modern art where music and video must say more than words.

This is seventh release of Vimeo award-winning music label Mask Movement which also include futuristic visuals created by Maks Histibe exclusively for this album. Histibe is joined by Turing, Piton, Chukhno, Zlykh and CB1 all sharing their selected tracks in the virtual world between depths of Motown and Kyiv.

During recent years, projects of Mask Movement and Histibe were premiered on the list of strong international web platforms, such as UKF, Jay-Z’s Life+Times, Deezen, Complex and official Behance galleries.

This play list is only the Dub Techno tracks by Turing.  You can check out the full release here : maskmovement.bandcamp.com/album/histib…ents-glybyny

Aquarium – Luxury Water Jewels (Silver Lake 001)

After a long wait and heaps of hard work we are happy to finally announce the launch of our new sub label, Silver Lake. The label will provide a platform for music on a more ambient and leftfield tip with each release pressed up onto limited runs of 10” wax.

The inaugural EP comes from incredible Tokyo based talent, Aquarium. Having released an eye catching debut 12”on Manchester label Natural Sciences last year, Aquarium recently followed up with an equally impressive tape release on London based platform Coastal Haze. Next up is a stunning excursion into textural ambience via X-Kalay’s new offshoot, Silver Lake.

The EP is a daydream infused memory of summer, so says Akira…