Caldera – Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake [NOORDEN]

Calderas new album »Stuck In A Dream Of Being Awake« is the kind of soundtrack that you need to listen on your headphones during a walk through the streets of your city. It’s for the day – it’s for the night. A sketch of thoughts and feelings – of voices and sounds that drift away and return. About a blurred line between reality and dream.

Slow Life Program – Dreams Are My Reality (LIVE)

Hi! Today I recorded 30 minutes Ambient (LIVE) Some time later, after a stay in Bangkok. These included my record from the recorder, supermarkets, markets, airports, subway, bus, and other people’s conversations all. The whole passage is passed on as he could, to preserve the mood. Sometimes you can hear and be plunged into anxiety and then gradually and gently dissolved in a light pleasant atmospheric condition. What happens, I never thought about it. But today, the autumnal mood at this said, I am pleased to share with you this record, Happy listening!

With Love from Russia <3

Various Artists – 5 Years Part One EP [DIMBIV008]

In 2010 DimbiDeep Music initiated by Matthias Springer and Oliver Roos started with the first release “Morgennebel EP” by M. Rahn into a special journey of ambient and dub techno soundscapes, surrounded by a lot of delays, noises and reverbs.

Archivist – Pathfinder EP

‘Pathfinder’ is Archivist’s second release on Blankstairs, following 2015’s ‘Migration’, which Impose Magazine celebrated as offering listeners “the possibility of transcendence.” Archivist’s new record is no different, featuring three original deep techno tracks along with a remix by The Bunker New York resident Eric Cloutier. With ‘Pathfinder’, Archivist shows himself to be one of the West Coast’s most intense and interesting techno producers.

Thrumcast 023 – Mig Madiq

From the Thrum Room massif we wish you all a Happy New Year. We could not think of a better way to begin 2016 than with a solid local Thrumcast, hence we bring to you Thrumcast 023 by Johannesburg based Mig Madiq.

The Thrumcast is an immaculate blend of one part Miguel’s own fine taste in deep house, one part a representation of his co-ownership in independent record label Just Move Records, and one part Thrum Room experimentation.