Downscope – Field Sonatas

The isolating and brooding minimal nature of these compositions somehow reminded me of the feelings I felt listening to one of the first records from my childhood; Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonatas by Rudolf Serkin. Soft and serene, yet dismal and melancholic at the same time.

Using an ensemble generator module for string and polyphonic instrumental effects I ventured to create these foreboding sonatas. The modulated waveforms that vibrate like a string section were then run through various effects pedals and translated via magnetic particles of analog reel to reel tape.

As the final Downscope installment of 2016 I’m happy to end the year with Field Sonatas and its final crescendo of “Waldstein,” which offers a warm balance between light and dark, where dissonance is delight.

Default Position Podcast #008 Mixed By Pool

Pool aka Polia Christov mixes an amazing podcast for Default Position on 100% vinyl.

Radiant. Intricate. Conceptual. The three words she often defines her record collection with. Pool’s style ranges from ambient to techno. It has depth and is filled with a groove. Her DJ sets radiate a melancholic gentle beauty and at the same time a boundless moving energy.

Roman Fahls – Iberia

Faroe Island based producer Roman Fahls has been producing music under various monikers for 4 years. His self-titled project comes in the form of techno inspired ambient soundscapes, layered with thick warm pads and distorted beats. With these elements and the experimentation in track structure, Roman has created a sound that works as well on headphones as it does on the dancefloor.

Союз​​-​​1 [расширенный издание]

Hello dub techno lovers! Here’s a spaced out sonic tribute to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. 6 tracks of dub techno inspired by the Soviet space program’s tragic loss of the late cosmonaut commander.

Soyuz 1 [extended edition] is an expanded album length version of the sonic tribute to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. This version includes the “Soyuz 1” and “KGB” versions, together adding over 30 more minutes of a dub techno soundtrack inspired by the Soviet space program’s tragic loss of cosmonaut commander Vladimir Komarov.