Volunteer – Crumbs EP

New from Volunteer.


1.Untitled A 09:55
2.Untitled B 07:02

Slownoise – Silent Wilderness

New from Cold Tear Records.

1.Capitol Dub 09:05
2.Fabia 07:51
3.November 08:35
4.Silent Wilderness 08:20

Deep Diversity vol. 2 – Deep Electronics Compilation

Welcome to the second Deep Diversity compilation by Deep Electronics. Again a fine collection of tracks from the deep music genre. All producers have already been envolved in creating a set for the the podcast series and now been compiled on this album with a unique track in the genre they represent today.

Jozef Nemček ‎– Quant Unreality

Release “Quant unreal” – the standard immersion in the musical vibrations penetrated deep meaning. Producer who has written songs for a new release on Feedoptions name Jozef Nemček. He has been writing dub techno tracks from 2012 in the city Hlohovec, Slovakia.

Substak – Beatless

Substak’s Beatless comes at a perfect time seasonally, with the current weather here consisting of cold days, showers and leafless trees. Beatless is an exercise in depth and dimension, showcasing Substak’s talents for crafting alien sonics and ominous atmospherics. While Beatless is devoid of a kick drum, it is not entirely arrhythmic. There are occasional bits of hi hat, or the noticeable angles of a looped sequence, or even an oscillating pattern that pulses in time.