Liquid Delay – 8.3_FM

Liquid Delay, a duo from Slovakia, are the artists who signs the third release by Archives. We have been following them for a long time amazed by their creative sound, that mixes uncanny ambient lines with a wide deep aesthetic. Their debut on the label also includes a remix by Francesco Belfiore, label head on italian imprint Truth or Consequences, with an ambient-techno twist for the darkly addictive ‘8.3FM’.

Volunteer – Crumbs EP

New from Volunteer.


1.Untitled A 09:55
2.Untitled B 07:02

Slownoise – Silent Wilderness

New from Cold Tear Records.

1.Capitol Dub 09:05
2.Fabia 07:51
3.November 08:35
4.Silent Wilderness 08:20

Deep Diversity vol. 2 – Deep Electronics Compilation

Welcome to the second Deep Diversity compilation by Deep Electronics. Again a fine collection of tracks from the deep music genre. All producers have already been envolved in creating a set for the the podcast series and now been compiled on this album with a unique track in the genre they represent today.