SUBSET – ‘Series70’ EP

I dropped tracks from Subset’s previous release in this series and they went down a treat on the weekly show. If you liked the previous music you’re going to live #3!

Series70 by SUBSET is the third release on The Dub Factory. The third in a series of releases, “Series70” features six tracks of deep dub and chill at 70bpm.

Deep Diversity vol. 3 Deep Electronics Compilation

Welcome to the third Deep Diversity compilation by Deep Electronics. Again a fine collection of tracks from the deep music genre. All producers have already been envolved in creating a set for the podcast series or netlabel release and now been compiled on this album with a unique track, upcoming release or already released track.

The compilation is also available in CD format and comes in a cardboard sleeve. Handstamped and numbered. Includes a printed artwork specially designed for the compilation by Melanie Antrom.

The cover, inlay and the specially printed photography are designed by Jeroen from Deep Electronics.

Edition of 30 copies. Every artist on this album gets a copy as a thank you gift for joining this compilation. And the remaining copies are available here for the listeners and followers!

SUBSET – ‘Series60’

The first release on the label and the first in a series of releases, “Series60” by SUBSET features five tracks of deep, minimal, glitchy dub at 60bpm.

Vocal samples, saxophone, violins, drums, bass lines and synths, all are treated with heavy layers of tape hiss, modulating reverbs and delays.

Various Artists – Futur​[​e​]​cho 2015

Our 2015 edition of Futur[e]cho brings in a lot of new faces, retains some old ones and has a great feel of atmospheric techno. Everyone went above and beyond what we thought possible for tracks and this release will for sure surprise you. Lots of artists try out new styles to entice the listener that the music can always change as time goes by. Futur[e]cho 2015 is more of a chilled out bliss release, but still very much fits the themes of the series. So why don’t you take a journey along with us?

Andreiclv – Cityscapes EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 013)

Drift Deeper Recordings 013 is here, This one has been years in the pipeline, thankfully Andreiclv eventually got back to me to give the approval for release. The tracks were beautifully mastered by our friend Evaldas at Cold Tear Records.

Some serious chilled people watching tracks on this release. Enjoy and share with your friends.

Liquid Delay – 8.3_FM

Liquid Delay, a duo from Slovakia, are the artists who signs the third release by Archives. We have been following them for a long time amazed by their creative sound, that mixes uncanny ambient lines with a wide deep aesthetic. Their debut on the label also includes a remix by Francesco Belfiore, label head on italian imprint Truth or Consequences, with an ambient-techno twist for the darkly addictive ‘8.3FM’.