Various – Dub Like Air Volume 1 (DDR015)

Dub Like Air Vol. 1 is a multi-artist project built around a simple concept – collaboratively creating sounds culminating in a complimentary but unique track.

We started the project by deciding on a key and tempo (100 bpm and Dm), then each artist created a set of loops and sounds (drums, synths, bass, pads etc) without the idea of a full track in mind. We then shared the full set of sounds and created our own unique tracks using nothing but sounds from the pack – additional effects and manipulation are ok, but no additional synths or sounds.

The result is a journey of 9 unique tracks, revealing each artist’s creativity and style.

Extrarausch – von A nach B

Extrarausch, born at the Baltic Sea in the north east of Germany, has discovered the electronic music in the Berlin Club Scene (e.g. Tresor, Maria am Ostbahnhof, in the end-nineties.

In the subsequent years, he came across the artworks of Moritz von Oswald, Mark Ernestus and Rod Modell, which have had a significant influence on his taste of music to this very day.

The start of his journey into sound design and music production has begun in twenty-fourteen, when he decided to settle down after seven years of travelling around the world.

Outward Roots – Moonlit Trees

After two successful EPs, Outward Roots is pleased to finally release their first LP titled “Moonlit Trees”.

Almost as if it came straight out of the 90s Techno scene alongside albums like AFX’s “Selected Ambient Works” & LFO’s classic “Frequencies”, this album combines lush soundscapes with stripped back, to-the-point drum patterns making this album minimal dance music in the purist form

Vertical Amigo – Deepen

Vertical Amigo is a project of László Fügedi, a Budapest-based Hungarian music producer and musician. László’s first impressions with music dates back to his childhood when he started to play music over 25 years ago. He plays several instruments including the guitar, the saz (turkish lute) and percussions. He has been a fan of a lot of music during these years from Bach to Punk and from Indian Classical to contemporary Electronic Experimental, each of which have deeply inspired him.

László is also a leader of a duo playing improvisational oriental music on traditional instruments, called Duo Darbar. László first engaged with electronic music in the 2000’s. The first steps were Psytrance and Breakbeat driving him towards Dub Tech, Experimental and Contemporary Electronic. These days much of his music activity is characterized by electronic music and it has become a very important part of his professional career. No borders, only music.