[Release] Alteria Percepsyne – Mydriatic LP

I heard Alteria Percepsyne (Emily Griffiths) pop up on Silent Season back in 2010 and was very impressed by her work. She has just recently released her new album “Mydriatic”. Blending ambient, dub techno, and minimal sounds together to take us on a journey through blissful soundscapes. I’m loving the blend of sounds in this album, it really works to create a deep, rich listening experience. The little touches of field recordings work so perfectly in these tracks. A limited CD version of the album is hopefully in the works. You can download you copy (just £6 for 10 amazing tracks) from bandcamp using the link below.


1. Moth Heaven 03:30
2. Perimeter 09:38
3. Circumvent 06:23
4. Mydriatic 03:49
5. Inverse Reflection 07:31
6. Apparent Motion 08:28
7. Projected Rain 02:31
8. Noire 07:49
9. Emitting Broken Light 09:08
10. Carousel 01:36

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