Timequake – Dopamine Remixes LP (Optic_, Organon, Sonitus Eco & more) (RZR003)

Finally, the time for Timequake has come! After almost two years after the original mix of the track Dopamine has been produced by a Slovenian dub techno duo Timequake, the release was published yesterday on September 11th 2011 by Retrospective Zoology. Beside the the original mix the release features a dub techno version and seven remixes by artists, such as Organon, Optic_, Fingers in the noise, Substituent, vs/Kurayami, and Sonitus eco, respectively.


Whole Item Format Size
Timequake – Dopamine with Remixes (RZR003) ZIP 126.6 MB
Audio Files 320Kbps MP3
01 Timequake – Dopamine (Original mix) 10.4 MB
02 Timequake – Dopamine (Dubtechno version) 12.1 MB
03 Timequake – Dopamine (Organon remix) 18.8 MB
04 Timequake – Dopamine (Optic_ remix) 14.4 MB
05 Timequake – Dopamine (Fingers in the Noise remix) 16.1 MB
06 Timequake – Dopamine (Substituent reconstrux) 12.3 MB
07 Timequake – Dopamine (vs_Kurayami Break remix) 13.6 MB
08 Timequake – Dopamine (vs_Kurayami Dubtechno remix) 16.0 MB
09 Timequake – Dopamine (Sonitus eco remix) 24.2 MB


Written and produced by Andraž Draščič Miko and Peter Jenko Vennett.
Dub techno version arranged by Peter Jenko Vennett.
Mastered and compiled by Andraž Draščič Miko.