[SSN_014] Ohrwert – Transit EP

I think this release don’t need any kind of discription. By seeing this logo, you all know enough! I am very honoured of having Ohrwert material on Sound Source Netlabel.
Analog Dub Techno madness!!!!!!



01. Ohrwert – Metro
02. Ohrwert – Locomotive
03. Ohrwert – Maglev
04. Ohrwert – Nautical




  1. SSN is great. Looking forward to listen to this!

  2. Ye i listened to it earlier today. i definitely prefer this EP to some of his recent releases. Maglev is the only track i dislike, the other 3 are soft, uplifting and beautiful. As with all Ohrwert music i like i always find myself loving the melodies and atmosphere he creates but just wish he would do something a little bit more with his tunes. They do get a tad bit repetitive towards the end of the tracks.

    Still, this is definitely one of my fav releases this year so far.

  3. I was looking forward for their album this year and they definitely didn’t disappoint. This is by far their best album.

  4. Suecae, You are right 🙂

  5. This music is perfect!

  6. This is a nice hit. It’s something that they would play at club Plush in Dallas. People will bump this at any house party. This is a nice track

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