Marco Nega – Cosy Cutz EP (Waehlscheibe 007)

Holy sh*t this is some SERIOUS dub house. Arguably the finest dub house label to come out in recent years is back once more!

On Waehlscheibe we stand: The Swiss label drops yet another Dub House bomb with Marco Nega s Cosy Cutz EP : Muse on the a-side is a 15 minutes long Dub Epos full of creamy chords, soft pads and smooth athmospheres.

Holotrope on the b-side speeds up the pace and pleases with a solid kick and a super deep bass without losing sight of the dubby chords.

Finally, In Your Arms fnishes of the wonderful EP with an ultra low bass for all you Dub heads and some more of Marco s trademark chords and delay -game he plays so well.

All in all, Cosy Cutz EP makes for a terrifc listening experience which is further aided by the expert mastering: as always all tracks on the new Waehlscheibe record have been mastered by Above Smoke at the Hole of Dub studio.

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