SUBSTAK – Veni,Vidi,Vici [Gos Music Studio 052]

Our Greek friend Substak returns to the Gos Music Studio records with a dubtechno EP.
3 original tracks that give life to his EP Veni, Vidi, Vici.

The title of the EP evokes ancient Rome, the Rome of the emperors, heroes and warriors.
This time the boss G.U.A and our dear friend Schulz Audio remixed two tracks, their interpretation completes the EP with a different view of this musical movement called dubtechno.

liquom – SINTETICO5 EP

1.Sintetico5 (Original mix) 04:52
2.Sintetico5 A 06:57
3.Sintetico5 B 03:49
4.Sintetico5 (Substak remix) 06:08
5.Sintetico5 (ATMOS REMIX) 05:38
6.Sintetico5 part.1 08:12
7.Sintetico5 part.2 08:26

Substak – Beatless

Substak’s Beatless comes at a perfect time seasonally, with the current weather here consisting of cold days, showers and leafless trees. Beatless is an exercise in depth and dimension, showcasing Substak’s talents for crafting alien sonics and ominous atmospherics. While Beatless is devoid of a kick drum, it is not entirely arrhythmic. There are occasional bits of hi hat, or the noticeable angles of a looped sequence, or even an oscillating pattern that pulses in time.

Substak – Atmosphere @ Proton Radio 06-10-2014

New radio show from Substak.


1.TicK – Dark Lights #1
2.Gapfield – It Vanished (Energostatic Records)
3.Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Kopoc Label)
4.Midnight JJ – Obsession 1957 (reddye)
5.Liquom – Summer 14;41 (Kopoc Label)
6.AXS – Deistic (Cold Fiction Music)
7.Substak & Triames – L (Eclectic Reactions Records)
8.Aspect – Awake/Asleep (Cold Fiction Music)
9.DeepWarmth & Yan Olsen – Waves of Silence

Thrumcast 014 – Substak

Kostas Staikos (aka Substak) was born and raised in the city of Athens. He caught our eye a while back with his refined productions, mostly released on small, quality independent labels like Entropy Records.
The start of his journey into music began in 2011 when he decided to escape from the mundane reality of life & started mixing and producing…
His biography boasts very few words, leaving the listener nothing else to do but listen, so let’s listen…
Production portfolio :


1.Ryo Ikeda – New Story (Drift Deeper Recordings)
2.Brickman – Story Complete (Deep-X Recordings)
3.Brk – Ml1 (Energostatic Records)
4.DeepDubing – Monophonic (Deep-X Recordings)
5.Dave Marian & Rinno – Cratos (Dreiton)
6.Matteo Pitton – The Enchanted Oasis (Eintakt Records)
7.Matthias Springer – Isarflowing (Music First)
8.Focus On The Breath – Flyover (Cold Tear Records)
9.Pobedia – Utopia (Self Released)

Download Thrumcast 014 - Substak

[Ambient Release] Substak – View From The Orbital Module (EG.047)

Strap yourself in and get ready to go on a journey, that is all I will say. Best listened to on a loud system or some good quality headphones.


1. Geosynchronous Orbit | 05:54
2. Spheroid Detachment | 09:02
3. Solar Panel Deployment | 04:39
4. Complex Control System | 03:14
5. Gravitational Lensing | 06:01
6. Earth Observations | 09:40
7. Space Debris | 03:51
8. Non-Pressurised | 12:48
9. De-Orbiting Rendez-Vous | 03:50
10. Gravity-Gradient Stabilisation | 04:30
11. Aerodynamic Re-Entry Module | 08:08

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