ZZZZRA inaugurates the Romance Col. with 3 dub techno and 1 unforgiving ambient track.

Classic Zzzzra sound on this one, love it! Immanence is the inaugural release on Romance born from a creative partnership between the sonic world, and it’s symbiotic visual realm.

A collaborative project; the first of a ten part series, Immanence marries dub techno connoisseur Zzzzra with UK photographer Katelyn Playford in their own artistic realisations of philosophical theories of divine presence. Tasked with sound tracking Immanence into four dub techno masterpieces; Zzzzra’s own sensual and romantic interpretation of immanence transcends through the eyes of Katelyn’s striking photography, manifesting into a visual immanent of the female aura. The resulting destination is a thought provoking piece of sensory art that implores to suggest that, much like the purity and sexuality of the female form; neither the simplicity of the visual, nor the intensity of the auditory, can exist in a world without the other.

Various – Flakes Compilation

A deep dub techno mystical compilation. Ten artists ten different truths. All truth is expressed by a track. The sounds, rhythms, chords. The winter comes to an end. Leave flakes. The last cold, the last silence.

This compilation is the work of people, people who have worked, and deserve respect. Artists from all over Europe who come together in a collective work, slow, but fast.

David Wesley: @davewesley
Frictional Transmission: @frictional-transmission
Mikaere: @mikaere1
MRCS: @mrcs
Kiano and Below Bangkok: @below-bangkok
Ort3d: @ort3d
Torsten Schieber: @sheebo
Time for Trees: @time-for-trees
Zzzzra: @zzzzra
Warmth: @w_a_r_m_t_h

Zzzzra – L’entraide EP

Truth or Consequences first release is coming from master of techno Zzzzra.

Finest deep and dubby stuff for a special 6 tracks EP, a climax of sounds and harmonics that carries the listener to a higher emotional state.

On the flip, Francesco Belfiore delivers the mirror of his hypnotic and straight techno soul, gifting us a trippy mix of “La Ritournelle Satanique”.

[Dub Techno Vinyl Release] ART ZERO 02 feat. Ohrwert, Zzzra, Marco Supernak, Antagonisten

Art Zero are back to follow up on their fantastic first release. I’m happy to see Ohrwert (anything this man releases is pure gold) and Marco Supernak on the tracklist again who both featured on Art Zero 01. We are also introduced to Antagonisten and Zzzzra who will hopefully both feature on the label again in the future because both their tracks are very nice.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Ohrwert – Dynamik.


A1: Ohrwert – Dynamik
A2: Marco Supernak – Verschwunden im bedeutungslosen Tigermaul
B1: Zzzzra – A few days of invinite sadness
B2: Antagonisten – Bilingual

facts //

unique copies – handmade centersleeves

black vinyl , 33 min-1
full cover
salz mastering cologne
pressing: MPO france

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FERRO #00 – The first release of new Dub-Techno tape-only label Ferro Tape Records

FERRO is a new tape-only-label focussed on deep and dubbed techno sound. The releases are only available on limited tapes. Each of them is a unique piece of art – stamped, numbered and equipped with a link to the digital files. But there’s no way to get these files without grabbing a tape!

Watch the video-teaser at YouTube
View more images of the tape at Bandcamp
The first tape »Ferro #00« will be released on January 23, 2013:
· Limited Tape (Edition of 75) packed in a zip-lock bag
· Black/white printed neon stamped and numbered fold-out-inlay
· First run including additional duotone-Risograph-printed artwork (A4)
· Produced by Audio Service/Leipzig
· Including download-code for FLAC/MP3/etc. printed on the labels 
A1 After Disco – Untitled 3
A2 Centrist State – Ring
A3 Mount Wishmore Unlimited – S.B.I.
B1 Zzzzra – Anandamide
B2 Basicnoise – Procyon
B3 San Jolér – Escalator

Order the tape here

[Free Release] V.A. – Agravic Remixes (Schall 034)

It’s nice to see Schall Netlabel back with a new release, it’s been over a year since we last heard something from them.

V.A. – Agravic Remixes is a remix ep from the original “Agravic EP” of basicnoise.

Schall Netlabel


Agravic Part I (Basicnoise Remix)
Lovetrack (Zzzzra Remix)
Agravic Part I (The Marx Trukker Black Coral Reshape)
Lovetrack (Lo Remix)
Lovetrack (Toni Latenz Bitcrush Remix)
x2197 (Zwei Kreise Drone)
x2197 (Ocralab Remix)
x2197 (Axs Incoming Call)


Download V.A. - Agravic Remixes (125 mb)

[Free Release] Zzzzra – Sumo – The Remixes (Deep In Dub 072)

Remixes from some of the biggest names in the scene today.


1 Sumo ( Original Mix ) 5:12
2 Sumo ( F.L.O. Remix ) 6:19
3 Sumo ( At Dawn ) 7:24
4 Sumo ( At Dusk ) 8:20
5 Sumo ( B Mus Dc Reshape ) 6:38
6 Sumo ( Digital Divine Remix ) 4:55
7 Sumo ( Textural Being Remix ) 8:26
8 Sumo ( Maurizio Miceli Ext Live Remix ) 17:29

Preview/Stream - Click Here

Download Zzzzra – Sumo - The Remixes (190 mb)

Zzzzra – Tlon

Zzzzra – Tlon Taken from the album, Message For Extraterrestial Live (Area 512009) | DREAD |Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra)…. Alexandre is from France and is a producer of electronic music…… This is part of an interview for DeepInDub: “My name is Alexandre Lehmann and Zzzzra is the name of my main music project. I have been producing electronic music since the late 80’s. During that time I was working in my adolescent bedroom, using a brand new Roland D-20, creating stupid love songs without lyrics. I then moved to the living room when I finally grew up and sold all my gear – except for my mighty Nord Modular – to focus on creating music with a computer. Thats about the only big difference in my producing modus operandi since then. Well, except that now I’m a drug addict, but thats another story. I like to wear slippers when I’m producing music, but sometimes its a bit warm out there so I have to go barefoot. I have the feeling that Im more creative when I have a beard. When I shave, everything goes wrong I often drink bottles of soda (with a lot of sugar in it) that are just above my keyboard. This occasionally means big trouble!! Sometimes I have to work on a track for 10 hours straight with no pause (because I always forget to have a break) and then I get bed sores on my ass.” (edited) Zzzzra has released EP’s on numerous (net-)labels like Schall-netlabel, Deepindub and Biomechanics. Trying to describe his sound with only a few words: repetition, difference, echo