[Dub Techno Release] Zander One – Z1MX13

Some outstanding remixes from Zander One, this is a beautiful collection of dub techno and gets our ‘Dub Techno Approved’ stamp, an essential purchase. I was lucky enough to feature on Slow Living Volume 2 grab his free track in that link.

This album is a compilation of ambient and dub techno artist Zander One’s remixes from 2013. While they are from various releases, these 7 remixes are all characterized by Zander One’s signature sound: Lush pads drenched in reverb and modulation, hypnotic bass rhythms, and melodic stabs that coalesce into a colorful haze.

Contains remixes of tracks by Coppice Halifax, Deepwarmth, Asymmetrical Head, Zander One, and Umbra.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One Dissociation remix) // Honestly its hard to choose a best track on this EP.


1.Asymmetrical Head – Information World (Data Error zmx) 04:25
2.Coppice Halifax – Smoker’s Lux (Radiation) 07:17
3.Umbra – Vincent (Debirth remix) 03:36
4.Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One 4 AM remix) 04:54
5.Coppice Halifax – Leaf Cloak (Zander One Dissociation remix) 04:55
6.Deepwarmth – Ratio of Silver (Zander One dub) 05:51
7.Zander One – Cascade (Extended mix) 01:52

[Free Release] Zander One – Echoate LP (BC12)

We featured Zander One’s excellent Once In Time track back in September and this track along with 7 more are now available on his first album out on Recycled Plastics.

Definitely a promising artist for 2013.  I certainly look forward to his future output.  I like the synth melodies in Zander One’s tracks, most notibly Once In Time, Airlift & Amnesiac.

Every track is spot on, and definitely check out those Coppice Halifax remixes, I can’t find one track I don’t like on this album. It would be nice to have audio for the bonus tracks on the cd version though.

Zander One hails from Ohio, and brings Recycled Plastics his lovingly crafted first full-length work Echoate. Echoate is absolutely everything you could want to cuddle up with during the colder months when Autumn transitions into Winter – deep throbs of warm basslines, simple buoyant kickdrums and beautiful synth chords that seem to slowly melt like ice under a gentle orange sun. Reminding us, at times, of what it could be like if Yagya and Seefeel produced a dub techno album together, Zander One goes a step further and defines all of his signature elements minimally and efficiently. Echoate is a work that is presented with zero filler – only carrying with it the essentials needed to work the formula’s magic. Anyone who enjoys deep and cozy electronic music will be sorely missing out if they pass this by! One of the best records RP has heard all year by anyone!

In addition to the free 8-track album, you can buy a limited edition CD-R with two bonus tracks (Full Moon / Endless Rain) and a Coppice Halifax remix** of Iceberg!

Recycled Plastics


1. Once In Time (4:12)
2. Airlift (5:24)
3. Memory Faded (6:32)
4. Dead Winter Nights (6:53)
5. Iceberg (5:22)
6. Amnesiac (7:00)
7. Submersion (8:18)
8. Solitude (6:28)


Download Zander One - Echoate LP

[Preview] Zander One – Echoate LP

Now who says I don’t get you guys the most exclusive sneak peaks into the world of dub techno music. This is so fresh that Zander One himself didn’t even have a name for his upcoming album project.

I quizzed him about his musical background (amazingly the man has been producing for under 1 year!!!) and what he has planned for this album. We were also lucky enough to be granted to share one of his tracks from the album and have uploaded it to the Drift Deeper Youtube Channel for you all to hear. I think you will agree this album is something to look out for and considering his relatively little experience in music production, definitely someone to watch in the future.

I am a 20 year old producer who’s primary passion is music. I started producing at the beginning of the year but I have been playing instruments since I was 14 years old. I draw inspiration from both other music and nature – some of the musical influences of mine for this album are Seefeel, Yagya, Gas, and early Aphex Twin; I am also highly influenced by other producers on soundcloud that I have the pleasure to talk to and sometimes work with.

The goal I have with this album is to create new spacious sonic environments that the listener can just drift into – all while maintaining the signature techno beat that drives the energy in the listener. I was compelled to do this after realizing my fascination with sonic textures. The album is still untitled and I am working out the details for a label but I am expecting to have it completed in October and released by the end of the year. It will be digital download, and possibly pressed to CD; this I will know once I have the details fully worked out.

Zander one