[Free Tune] Sircle – Andre’s Broken Ukelele (Deep House Edit)

Here’s a free download from the artist Sircle which has received a lot of hype on soundcloud in the past few days. It’s the first record made by the artist since the finishing of an ambient EP late last year, which was also featured on Dub Techno Blog.

The track has a driving, deep bass line wrapped around an early hour grooving Balearic beat.

Download Sircle - Andre's Broken Ukelele

[Ambient Release] Sircle – A Relevant Space EP

Ambient Exotica wrote a great review of the album which you can read here. I really get the feel of floating in space with this album, I can only imagine what it would feel like whilst being in a floatation tank.

Ambient textures created for use the worlds most cutting edge floatation tank. Hypnotic loops and ruffled textures.

Frozen Forest

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – A Lunar Decent.


1. A Lunar Decent
2. Su Cielo
3. Pressures Of Altitude
4. A Relevant Space
5. Under The Sand
6. Reflection

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