Various – Flakes Compilation

A deep dub techno mystical compilation. Ten artists ten different truths. All truth is expressed by a track. The sounds, rhythms, chords. The winter comes to an end. Leave flakes. The last cold, the last silence.

This compilation is the work of people, people who have worked, and deserve respect. Artists from all over Europe who come together in a collective work, slow, but fast.

David Wesley: @davewesley
Frictional Transmission: @frictional-transmission
Mikaere: @mikaere1
MRCS: @mrcs
Kiano and Below Bangkok: @below-bangkok
Ort3d: @ort3d
Torsten Schieber: @sheebo
Time for Trees: @time-for-trees
Zzzzra: @zzzzra
Warmth: @w_a_r_m_t_h

Sheebo – Forge EP [INSECTORAMA 048]


insectorama presents the forge track ep from sheebo. very warm and deep dubtechno route about 1 track and 4 remixes in a self interpredation.



sheebo – forge
sheebo – forge [markus masuhr variante1 rmx]
sheebo – forge [onka onichi mix]
sheebo – forge [vskurayami mix]
sheebo – forge [atabey mix]


Download Sheebo - Forge EP (89.2 mb)