Giriu Dvasios – Buti

Girių Dvasios started just as a cool name for my dub techno works. I always visualized forests and nature when I was listening to this music, that‘s why I picked this name. I also visualized the same as I was making this music. As a result I fell in love with nature. In this process I realized that a human is not something separated from it. There are no separate things, everything is one, and everything is related and connected. Therefore, If you do not respect nature, you probably don‘t respect your self or other people as well. To throw trash around our planet is equal to trash your own body and soul. I believe that in order to save our planet and humanity, every person has to see him self as an inseparable part of the nature. And I hope that my music is helping people to do that.

[Dub Techno Free Release] Giriu Dvasios – Namo LP

It is clear Giriu puts a lot of hard work into his releases, for the last few years Giriu has put out albums of excellent quality, I always put them in my ‘best albums of the year’ list and ‘Namo’ is no exception for 2014. Very much sticking to the stripped-down dub-roots sound in a lot of the tracks in ‘Namo’, Giriu puts his trademark sound on the album, and if I’m not mistaken I believe Giriu plays the guitar in a few tracks.

‘Namo’ also features a few more ambient feeling tracks such as ‘Snigo’ which is one of my favourites from the album and also a remix from Quantec.

Goes without saying I love this new album and it’s free but honestly for an album this big and good it deserves the 6 euro price tag via bandcamp.


1.Atgyja 04:14
2.Toks Gyvenimas 03:12
3.Tekanti Saule 03:14
4.Ezeruos 05:09
5.Ilgai 06:24
6.Ratu 04:36
7.Dvasias Sutik 03:53
8.Jura 04:24
9.Is Leto 04:54
10.Ruke 05:34
11.Snigo 05:29
12.Viltis 03:32
13.Valia 03:32
14.Sauleta 03:52
15.Ruke (Quantec Chacruna Remix) 05:51

[Album Preview] Giriu Dvasios – Esu

Great selection of tracks from Giriu’s latest LP that will be available exclusively from his website for a very reasonable membership fee!

Preview of my upcoming album “Esu” which will be available on soon. It’ll be accessible for site members, and at my bandcamp page, which is a more expensive option to get my album. So register now at and download it as soon as it’s ready for you.

Giriu Dvasios

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[Free Release] F.l.o. – Cryptic EP (Cold Tear Records)

Just doing a little bit of catching up from earlier in the year. This is another brilliant EP I seem to have missed, produced by F.l.o. and released on Cold Tear Records back in January (I wish you guys would let me know :D).


1. Acid Deposition 05:52
2. Untitled King 11:33
3. The Most Beautiful Person 07:01
4. Forever Yours 05:24
5. Unken 06:18
6. The Most Beautiful Place 05:50
7. Звук Невнимательный 05:26
8. Submerged 04:06
9. 400 km 06:04
10. Kryptisch 07:40
11. PrenzlBerg 05:39
12. Submerged (Giriu Dvasios Remix) 03:28


Download F.l.o. - Cryptic EP