ETUILTD010 Various Artists – Decade Dubs

With the 10th release of our colored vinyl series we bring you the Decade Dubs. Bristol based new artist El Choop opens the edition with pulsating chords and synths in his track Unknown Landscape. Italian producer Hydergine takes you on a psychedelic mind trip with his energetic deep techno track Blue State Of Mind.

The flip side starts with Etui Records label head Insect O. With his dirty chords and wired echoes he is telling you the mystic story about the Ancient Architects. And finally Monomood returns to the label and proves his musically diversity. A mellow brass and a deep bass will give you goosebumps while dancing on the afterhour or just sitting in a smokey jazz bar.

The artwork is done by graphic designer and musician Daniel Madlung aka Dandytracks. It´s based on a photo of the Sea of Sand at Indonesia´s Mt. Bromo volcano, taken by Insect O.

Various Artists – Etui Winter Camp 2

Top quality release from the Etui camp, very nice selection of dub techno. Every track is top quality, highly recommended purchase!

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Insect O. – Transatlantic Chords (very hard for me to pick a fav on this release).

Etui Records has opened the winter camp again and invited friends and fellows to open their boxes of dub and deep techno tracks. To keep your hearts warm when it’s cold outside, we are about to hand you a musical fireplace.

This year´s Etui Winter Camp starts with the romantic moods of Insect O.s “Sands Of Rainbow” and Monomood´s “Paraseelis”. After founding his own Abstract Animal imprint for some proper techno and his “Parameter One” release on Uncanny Valley sublabel Shtum Monomood finally returns to Etui Records.

“Talebs Swans” by Tiefenrausch´s Wenzel Mehnert is a reduced fusion of space tech and dub step followed by a true dub techno piece by Dandytracks aka Daniel Madlung and Mandy Jordan. Matthias Springer takes you to the dark side of the winter with some acidish sounds in his “Dark Orbit” and Frank Hellmond brings in some analogue warmth with his “Lost”.

The best thing you can do when it´s cold outside is dancing to “Stellar Remnants” by Swiss Alessandro Crimi and the old-schoolish techhouse of Insect O.’s “Transatlantik Chords”. Zurich based Idealist toped a funky bassline with sparkling chords for the techno mood in his “Axial”. Finally Sydney´s passionated techno artist Squarepeg rounds up this year’s album with his live jam “Green Dots”.

Etui Winter Camp will be released as digital album incl. 11 tracks and 12” vinyl incl. 4 tracks on February 28th 2014.

cat#: ETUICOMP004
artist: Various Artists
title: Etui Winter Camp 2
format: digital album
street date: February 28th 2014
genres: dub techno, deep techno, tech house


01. Insect O. – Sands Of Rainbow
02. Alessandro Crimi – Quantum Realm
03. Monomood – Paraseelis
04. Wenzel Mehnert – Talebs Swan
05. Dandytracks – Dubstories About Us 1
06. Matthias Springer – Dark Orbit
07. Frank Hellmond – Lost
08. Alesandro Crimi – Stellar Remnants
09. Insect O. – Transatlantic Chords
10. Idealist – Axial
11. Squarepeg – Green Dots

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