[Free Download] Entropy Records Sampler 2013

Entropy Records were very kind to release this Label sampler featuring some amazing tracks (a few of these tracks were actually featured on my Best Dub Techno of 2012 article!). I cant understand the whole of it but it looks like Entropy Records were featured in a magazine in France and this sampler was a free download for the readers, sort of an audible introduction to the label and dub techno sound.

Check out the Entropy Records page for full scans of the article (it’s in French) here.

To get the sampler pack just enter your email in the form and you will receive a custom code to download the pack.


01. 18ème Boudoir | Melody Nebula (taken from Le Cycle Des Lumières)
02. Echochorus | Gor (taken from Aelita)
03. Ohrwert | By Night (taken from Aberrate)
04. G.R.I.T. | The Furthest Outpost (Octal Industries Reconstruction) (taken from Expanse (The Remixes – Part I))
05. Brickman | Sunrise To Sunrise (taken from Structures And Textures)
06. Octal Industries | Himinglæva #3 (taken from Meeting Of The Waves)
07. G.R.I.T. | Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix) (taken from Expanse (The Remixes – Part I))
08. The Nautilus Project | Dresden-Neustadt At Night [Jaymon’s Nightflight Remix] (taken from Dresden-Neustadt At Night)
09. Fischerle | Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? (taken from Selected Works: 1970-2015)
10. Gamma Gabriel | No Escape (taken from Gamma)
11. Hideyoshi | Over-Wall (taken from Tokyo Crazy Diamond)
12. Reversed Consciousness | Intervention (taken from Changes Of Consciousness Caused By Time Conditions)

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[Release] Ocralab – Kosmonaut (EL.016)

Kosmonaut is an Pro-Audio-CDr “Lilac with Gold sparks” design. Limited edition to 100 copies in a deluxe metal tin box with softer plastic inner casing to house the CD.

Dean Dennis (KibukaClockDVA) had a listen to the Ocralab samples and simply posted “You are a Kosmonaut”; a keyword that well defines the journey into outer space from multi angle perspectives with which the listener should be involved by approaching this work. Kosmonaut contains seven original tracks by Ocralab and four sonic reshapes by Christoph Schindling, Zoltan Solomon, Sub.Made and Dublicator. Mark your calendar: the gateway to the stars is opening.


1. Deimos
2. Phobos
3. Moonray
4. Aureolin
5. Atomization
6. Sidereo
7. Aureolin (Dublicator Remix)
8. Moonray (Schindling Remix)
9. Moonray (Zoltan Solomon Remix)
10. Moonray (Sub.Made Reduced Version)
11. Imbrium

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[Release] Mr. Cloudy – Explorer LP (Entropy Records)

I fell back in love with Mr. Cloudy’s music after hearing Transaction With Mind (Dub Edit) earlier in the year, this track really reminded me of the tracks I use to listen to when I first discovered this artist. Just hearing the preview clips and I’m happy to say Mr. Cloudy is back again with more of that deep, dub, distant echo sound.

This will be available to buy 1st November 2012 from Entropy Records Store. I will update the link when there is one.

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Hoarfrost.



01_Winter Sports
05_Hoarfrost (Reduce)
06_The Local Wind
08_Born Anew
10_Polus (We Arrived)

[Release] G.R.I.T. – Expanse (The Remixes)

Another stupendous release on Entropy Records comes in the form of a remix project of G.R.I.T.s’ Expanse LP.  A stunning 18 remixes are available on this release from artists such as Grad U, Yagya, Gradient, Mr Cloudy, Textural Being and many more!

The album is available in limited (100 copies) goldfinger vinyl design cdr’s which you can see below and also in digital formats .mp3 & .flac.



1. The Furthest Outpost (Octal Industries Reconstruction)
2. The Furthest Outpost (Gradient Remix)
3. Marianas Trench (Quantec’s Nightshade Remix, Live Cut)
4. Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix)
5. Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix)
6. Expanse (Liquid Level ‘Dub Below’ Remix)
7. Neon Aura (Alteria Percepsyne Remix)
8. Neon Aura (Man-Machine-Interface By The Nautilus Project)
9. Expanse (Yagya Remix)
10. cv313 ‘Expansion’
11. Expanse (Sage Taylor Remix)
12. Endless Waves (Arc Of Doves Remix)
13. Marianas Trench (Mr. Cloudy’s Revise)
14. Expanse (Grad_U Reconstruction)
15. Mind Mapping (Mind Over MIDI ‘Re Mind Mapping’ Remix)
16. The Furthest Outpost (Octex ‘Radio Interference’ Mix)
17. The Furthest Outpost (Overcast Sound Remix)
18. The View From The Trieste (Axs Sundown Version)


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Martin Nonstatic – Afterglow EP (Entropy Records Digital 055)

‘Endless’ is definitely my favourite track on this one.  ‘Afterglow Pt 1’ is a little too dark sounding for my preference of dub techno.  The whole EP just oozes excellent production quality, with deep, organic dub sounds.

Born in the netherlands in`76, living in germany next to the electronic music city ” cologne” for about 24 years now. As a child he got early influenced by musicians like art of noise, vangelis, tangerine dream, klaus schulze… and a couple of years later his scale of musicgenre got larger and larger, gettin deeper in touch with the technoid, indie, classical and jazzy sounds. He started growing his passion for changing and manipulating sounds with synths and other hardwarestuff at the age of 18, slowly building up his little studio. He dealt a lot with several livegigs on parties and in clubs by building up his own tracks and live arrangements. In 2010, he focused his work more on releasing his tracks wich were influenced by ambient-dubtechno, and electronica sounds and so they shared their way via internet to several label. Thats were he is now… at the point of no return. He feels pretty good with that!

The Ep “afterglow” began at a bigger video/sound session ” duoluxe” in beginning of 2011. Editing sounds in realtime influenced by such nice videoartworks(like glow effects) was special and a new experience for me and a good way to combine my heart and head in the same way, touching the roots of the afterglow tracks.

The track” Endless” was intended to bring balance between the tracks, straight, slow dubtechno. This track contains sounds by my first synthesizers korg wavestion and microwave XT.

Entropy Records

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[Album] Mr. Cloudy – Music From Cellars LP (Entropy Records)

Come on, there isn’t much more that needs to be said about this album to get your attention.  Mr Cloudy and Entropy Records finishing off the year with a fantastic release!

Deep, hypnotic, mystical, cold and warm feelings at the same time. Music From Cellars is one of the best works of Mr. Cloudy, absolutely full and deep tracks, completed in its content. 10 tracks of dub-techno for solitary listening at home, on headphones, at night, or within at night. Totally overcast tracks here, they breathe different weather, typical of the eastern providers of dub techno music. Let’s go into deep meditation, a trip to your mind, just take a look at to the hypnotic worlds of Mr. Cloudy.

Entropy Records

All pre-orders come with an excellent free bonus digital EP Mr. Cloudy with Syene | Archive Of Thoughts (Vol. 2), instant download.

Preview/Stream - Click Here



Released by: Entropy Records
Release/catalogue number: EL.011
Release date: Dec 5, 2011

[Preview] The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II (Entropy Records)

The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II

EF.0034 | The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II (Free Compilation, excerpts of the 14 tracks) by Entropy Records

Entropy Records Digital presents EF.0034:
The Resistance Of Aguilar: Tapes Part II

This FREE compilation was originally designed to support the Aguilar Dub Techno in France. Unfortunately, the local authorities cancel for no good reason…

EF.0034 is an exclusive Entropy Records Digital release.

Mastered by David Ya.

Cover design by David Ya & Axs.

Thank you for listening this compilation
and supporting independent labels and artists.

Made in Paris, France (c) + (p) 2011 by Entropy Records

All rights reserved.

For promotional materials, demos, booking, contact:

Released by: Entropy Records
Release/catalogue number: EF.0034
Release date: Sep 7, 2011