ETUILTD010 Various Artists – Decade Dubs

With the 10th release of our colored vinyl series we bring you the Decade Dubs. Bristol based new artist El Choop opens the edition with pulsating chords and synths in his track Unknown Landscape. Italian producer Hydergine takes you on a psychedelic mind trip with his energetic deep techno track Blue State Of Mind.

The flip side starts with Etui Records label head Insect O. With his dirty chords and wired echoes he is telling you the mystic story about the Ancient Architects. And finally Monomood returns to the label and proves his musically diversity. A mellow brass and a deep bass will give you goosebumps while dancing on the afterhour or just sitting in a smokey jazz bar.

The artwork is done by graphic designer and musician Daniel Madlung aka Dandytracks. It´s based on a photo of the Sea of Sand at Indonesia´s Mt. Bromo volcano, taken by Insect O.

El Choop – A Jaded City feat. Heavenchord remix + free download exclusively to Dub Techno Blog

El Choop and the team at Default Position have been kind enough to give us an exclusive free download from their upcoming release. El Choop’s ‘A Jaded City’ is out today on Default Position. If you enjoyed this free track then be sure to listen and purchase the whole album as it’s got some very nice tracks in it.