[Album] Lars Leonhard – 1549 (BineMusic)

Following numerous digital releases during the past, Lars Leonhard’s full length debut album “1549” has now been released on BineMusic.

Its name derives from US Airways Flight 1549 which was ditched in the Hudson River after a bird strike about three minutes into the flight in January 2009. The overall theme runs like a common thread through the album, with Leonard mostly working with warm, deep pads and minimal sound effects. And as nature sets the agenda, hammering basses are obviously absent from this release.

“1549” will be released both on CD and as a digital download from all usual online music shopping outlets, with the digital edition including to additional tracks.

Bine Music


01. Decision Height
02. Clear Air Turbulence
03. Electromagnetic Pulse
04. Fly by Wire
05. Long Range Cruise
06. 1549
07. Altitude Error
08. Glideslope
09. True Heading
10. 564 Miles Per Hour
11. Total Pressure