Maurizio Miceli Presents : Dublicator

It’s really time to release a mix like this. Dublicator is the minimal dub/ project of Tamás Olejnik, a dude from Hungary that put out excellent releases.

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No more words are necessary… name and music are well known from most of you.

If you don’t know this artist, don’t miss this mix and all releases by Dublicator ( start from here )


Nekkroteukh – Revisited: Chemically Induced Transcendance

Nekkroteukh – Revisited: Chemically Induced Transcendance
Label: 20/Twelve Netaudio
Catalog#: TT022
Format: 5 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, OGG
Country: US
Released: Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, Dubstep, Techno
Credits” Artwork By [Blotter Sheet] – Jerry Garcia

There are so many dubstep producers out there these days, Sometimes its hard to maneuver through the gauntlet of heavy tunes. Sometimes you have to step outside the box and create new paths within such a wobble driven scene. Don’t take this the wrong way, 20/12 loves the wobble as its a integral part in some amazing dubstep and could be classified as the heart behind the music. Then you have artists like Nekkroteukh (pronounced Necro-Tech) who completely smashes the rules to bits and actually makes tunes that stand out instantly upon first listen. Innovation pours out of his E.P on 20/12 at alarming rates, While raising your heartbeat with frantic drum patterns and techy bass stabs. Why in the shit did these tunes take so long to see a release we don’t know, but what we do know is that Twenty/Twelve is all about progression and putting out jams that are timeless. These tunes are just that, Chronologically Frozen if you will. Come on a trip with us, You won’t regret it… Unless of course it’s a bad one.

1 What The Moon Brings VIP 5:26
2 Rootwork 4:56
3 Hoodooman 5:28
4 The Eighth & The Ninth 4:30
5 Spirits VIP 5:51

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(Miga 35) Sergio MF Valente – Angie & Jen

Sergio MF Valente – Angie & Jen
Label: Miga
Catalog#: Miga35
Format: 14 x File, MP3
Country: Spain
Released: 04 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

DJ, Musician, Recording Artist, A&R (6ONE6) and Label Manager (Dosed Recordings).

Reflecting influences from early Detroit / Chicago electroniques, Myles has established himself as an Artist, and refined a sound unto himself unique and haunting.

AKA: Sergio MF Valente, PNM, One Peoples, Star Blazers

01. Angie & Jen 07:23
02. Cornhole 06:04
03. Angie & Jen (Detroit People Mover Remix) 07:21

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(EBC 003) Shlohmo – Shlo-Fi EP

Shlohmo – Shlo-Fi EP
Label: Error Broadcast
Catalog#: EBC003
Format: File, MP3, 320kBit/s, FLAC
Released: 15 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Hip Hop, Instrumental, IDM, Wonky
All music by Shlohmo
Photography by Shlohmo
Artwork by Sven Swift

From across the misty hills of San Francisco, we welcome kid Shlohmo with his long-awaited Shlo-Fi EP for release at Error Broadcast. His instant-classic Shlomoshun EP made faces fall earlier this year but this one will boost the cat to a whole new level.

19-years old Shlohmo delivers the soundtrack for the LA aftershow party. His tracks swarm from dirty textures, strange sounds and obscured samples. It’s not Hip Hop what you hear, but the echoes are clearly there: under the blanket the beats are alive and kicking, the compression is awful (as we love it) and from the way Shlohmo arranges his tracks, it is clear what this kid listens to at night.

Solanaceous and surreal music from the point Burial and Fly Lo let off.


01 Shlohmo Couch
02 Shlohmo For You pt. 1
03 Shlohmo For You pt. 2
04 Shlohmo Crust
05 Shlohmo Socks
06 Shlohmo My Drum Loop Is Stuck (…)
07 Shlohmo Ghosts pt. 2
08 Shlohmo Blankets
09 Shlohmo Outbound

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(FPR 040) Normaa – Entropia

Normaa – Entropia
Label: Fresh Poulp Records
Catalog#: FPR 040
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
Country: France
Released: 07 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae
Style: Dub, Electro, Dubstep

Les frères Acosta sont de retour sur Fresh Poulp Records avec un nouvel ep de 8 titres. Normaa propose avec Entropia de nouvelles sonorités, différentes de leur précédent ep Fake Media. Ici c’est du Normaa saucé dubstep, un dubstep aux atmosphères urbaines et futuristes qui fera trembler vos murs. Normaa présentera le live de cet album dans quelques jours au netaudio festival de Berlin! Berlin, Normaa’s coming !!

The Acosta brothers are back on Fresh Poulp Records with a new ep of 8 tracks. Normaa with Entropia, offers a new sound, different from their previous ep Fake Media. Here is the Normaa sauced dubstep, dubstep to a futuristic urban atmosphere that will shake your walls. Normaa will live in a few days at netaudio festival in Berlin to present this album. Berlin, Normaa ’s coming!

1 Enana Blanca 1:48
2 Planck Era 3:41
3 Les Organismes 4:13
4 Become An Evil 4:22
5 OTAN VS Nature 4:27
6 Normaagedon 4:52
7 Solar Ring 2:18
8 Bass Rebel Front (Bonus Track) 3:08

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DJBroadcast podcast – DJB.074 – Tim Paris

DJBroadcast podcast
DJB.074 – Tim Paris

Date: 13 Oct 2009

Uit welke stad denk je dat producer en dj Tim Paris afkomstig is? Goed geraden, al woont hij tegenwoordig in Londen. Paris was een van de smaakmakers van de Parijse clubscene, toen hij in 2004 ook internationaal naam maakte met zijn track Future Now (uitgebracht onder de artiestennaam DB vs. Tim Paris). Sinds 2005 bestiert hij met Parijzenaar Jef K. het label Marketing Music. Na een dozijn club releases is het wachten op Paris’s debuutalbum. Tot die tijd doet zijn podcast voor DJBroadcast dienst als smaakvolle afleidingsmanoeuvre. Zonder tracklist helaas.

Which city do you think DJ and producer Tim Paris come? Good guess, though he now lives in London. Paris was one of the trendsetters of the Paris club scene, when in 2004 he made his name internationally track Future Now (released under the stage name vs. DB. Tim Paris). Since 2005 he rulership Parisian Jef K. Marketing Music label. After a dozen club releases was waiting for Paris’s debut album. Until that time doing his podcast for DJBroadcast service as tasty diversion. Unfortunately no track list.