[Event] Astral Industries – Fluxion & G.R.I.T at Plan B, London – 10 January 2014

The first one was off the hook, and very busy (nice to see so many people enjoying this sound), finally London had a TRUE dub techno night. Their next event is of course a no brainer. Get your tickets now. Got to love the artwork on these flyers too.

Astral Industries is a record label and club night aiming to become a hub of deep electronic music in London and worldwide, with a forthcoming series of vinyl releases featuring some of the most talented artists in hazy, lo-fi and dubbed out frequencies.

After the success of our launch party we’re back in the Plan B basement with a 90-minute live performance from an artist we are proud to welcome onto our AI roster alongside Deepchord – Greek producer Kostas Soublis aka Fluxion. With G.R.I.T’s technical issues (fingers crossed!) solved we are also very pleased to be having him back to play his much-missed live set. Support on the night comes from Crescent/Voyager label boss Alex Crescent, Deep in Dub/Drift Deeper artist Niccolo Machiavelli and of course AI boss Ario.


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[Mix] Sound & Motion – Techno Locator Mix IX

Towards the end of this year we fill up our TL Special Mix collection with a wonderful DJ mix by our friends from El Salvador – Armida & YetTken, residents of netlabel Sound & Motion. A special selection which contains the best tracks that the netlabel has released over three years. Thanks Sound & Motion representatives Armida and YetTken for the work done! And thanks to all our visitors and listeners, we congratulate you on the coming holidays!


01. Julian Dep – Synth (Original Mix) [SOMOLP01]
02. Armida – Yes, A War Is Coming (Original Mix) [SOMOLP01]
03. Armida – Transformacion (Vocal Edit) [Techno-Locator.ru Exclusive]
04. KaTaa Vs. YetTken – Farblos.2 (Reform) [SOMO008]
05. Playground – Vanilla Sky (German LM Remix) [SOMO004]
06. B.I.B. – El Caracol (Original Mix) [SOMOLP01]
07. Sound & Motion – Air Lifting (Armida’s Heavy Atmosphere Remix) [SOMO006]
08. Drugstore – Win Or Go Home (Original Mix) [SOMOLP01]
09. WorkLeft – McLovin’ (Original Mix) [SOMOLP01]
10. YetTken – Insane (Original Mix) [SOMO002]
11. KaTaa – For The HOUSE Spirit (Armida Remix) [SOMO003]
12. Camy – Foreign Love (Original Mix) [SOMO009]
13. RealiTVersion – Ghosts (Original Version) [SOMO011]

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[Spread The Love] Kana Interview With Bvdub

Something that I don’t seem to do a lot of this blog is sharing other bloggers hard work. I’m not sure why I haven’t done this, it’s probably because pretty much all my spare time is spent working on this blog in same form or the other. I kind of feel like a lone ranger in the blogging world, I don’t know of many blogs like mine (ones that specialize in dub techno & deep house, and that are updated regularly).

So in an effort to expand this community and hopefully discover some new like-minded bloggers I have decided to start a new feature called ‘Spread The Love’.

Whenever you see the ‘Spread The Love’ prefix on a blog post it means you are reading content from another blog that I feel deserves to be shared.

The first post I want to share with you all is a very inciteful interview Kana conducted with none other than Bvdub.

Read the interviewThis is a 'Spread The Love' post so you will go to another blog now to check out the content. I hope you enjoy, and remember...sharing is caring 🙂