Seraphim Rytm – Prayers By The Lake (12″, Mirae Arts)

Seraphim Rytm is the ‘deep/ambient’ alias of Damaskin, the Belgian master of dark hypnotic techno who has releases on esteemed labels such as Unknown Precept, Noiztank, and 10 Label (Japan).
SR debuted on Vancouver’s Silent Season with an album called Aeterna and also had a vinyl release with a single remixed by Edit Select.
Mirae Arts will be releasing Seraphim Rytm’s debut EP called Prayers By The Lake tomorrow (Vinyl already available at Juno, Bleep, Deejay, etc). Mastered by James Plotkin and 180g vinyl pressed in Cleveland, Ohio by one of the best plants in the USA.  Artwork done by Cody Cobb.

Bjika – Wapping EP {YIN031}

The release of three tracks, each of which is filled with the mood of striving for something new, the mood of unknown horizons, the mood of not done things that are waiting in the wings. All this message is expressed by a groovy bassline and mysterious atmosphere, flying chaotically throughout the EP from side to side. All this is put on the rails of a sophisticated techno drum section with a heavy kick. Enjoy listening!

Bjika – Decal EP – Superordinate Dub Waves

Bjika continues to deliver, with his third release of 2018. His Decal Ep on Superordinate Dub Waves sees him shift down a gear in tempo and vibe, revealing yet another aspect of his style. Bjika seems equally comfortably producing at this slower pace as he does with his deep techno rollers. The UK imprint has been on the rise ever since their first release and judging by their constant stream of releases, the label is serious about being one of the top labels focusing the deeper side of techno and progressive.

TEX BATES – EGP EP (Limited Exclusive Promo Codes Inside!)

Label XRCST is proud to present our new ep from Cologne based producer Tex Bates (MOSHItaka, XRCST).

Following up 2014’s well received Adenekan EP, Tex Bates returns with his second release on label XRCST. EGP EP delivers 4 deep dubby tracks where in EGP1 alongside the hypnotic pads and sun-kissed jazzy trumpet it is the chunky bass that creates a nicely balanced contrast. The Science Fiction Club’s remix of the track Ease is a brilliantly done lifting dub techno journey. EGP2 is the shorter version of EGP1 without jazzy trumpet. And closing up with track Ease which is made in the typical Tex Bates’s deep dubby house style – chunky bass with well balanced deep dub techno soundscapes.

Altone – Sub Flux (And Exclusive Free Track Giveaway)

Altone aka Yuki Takasaki, is a Japanese musician and DJ who joins the Default Position roster in 2018 with his intricately designed dub techno EP ‘Sub Flux’.

Greatly inspired by 90s Detroit techno, Altone has performed at numerous venues in Japan, touring Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto as a member of a post punk, synth-led, new wave rock band. The experience led him to explore his own music, focusing on minimalism, eventually leading to continued experiments in tech house, deep house, ambient and dub techno.

Altone’s music is described as ‘a mechanical yet universal and natural experience, created with random noise and warm looped soundscapes that can swim through the deepest part of your consciousness’.

Botanik, the new album by Contium

Botanik by Contium is a trip through expansive aural scenery, which is as vast as it is vivid. Every track in this cassette functions distinctly as its own mood piece, while the music remains consistently immersive throughout. Tone, rhythm and atmosphere have been finely concocted to form this collection of ethereal musical specimens, simultaneously boundless and intimately rooted.

The canadian artist Twin Peetz, from ODrex Music remixed the track Monstera. With its thumping bassdrum and relentless percussion, the track is anchored by a dance-floor sensibility and yet its ambition is set on an spatial expansion of sound based upon dub and ambient music, beyond just making people dance.

With an event in Berlin on 16th June 2018, Contium presents the new album to the public. The album can be streamed and downloaded on BandCamp. This is the tracklist:

Heavenchord – Creation Of Light

Friends, we are glad to present you our thirtieth release from the Russian producer and, it is possible to tell, the regular of our label «Heavenchord – Creation Of Light». The author produces a lot of high-quality atmospheric music, the boundaries of which are erased by his immense love for creation. «Creation Of Light» is like a light that lights up inside each person with the arrival of warm days after a cold winter, or the light that flashes inside when you meet a loved one after a long separation. This is the light that burns in the stove of the locomotive, driving its engine and sending this heavy machine in a long way.