Whomp! FM » Dubsets Revisited / Part 1

Image: Oblique, Anton Stankowski

The Whomp!Monster has been rummaging in the vaults again, and come up trumps! Presenting a two part dub techno spectacular. Featuring zuper artwork from the late great German graphic designer, Anton Stankowski. First up, Dutch dj Rivo

Rivo – Disowned Planet (55mins)
These here waters are deep and perilous.


nightspecial: Scion aka Substance & Vainqueur Live-Set 2004 and Scion DJ-Set 2001

epic, highly recommended by Ronny

Live @ Meeting House Square, Dublin – 02-07-2004 by r_co

Live @ Hr-xxl Nightgroove – 2001 by r_co

[00:00] Jan Jalinek – Rock In The Video Age
[04:30] M. Von Schommer – Würfel
[08:30] Lazyfish – Partofaloop
[12:00] Jonas Bering – From The Nape Of The Neck
[13:50] Lazyfish – Selfocus
[19:55] Ridis – Triangle
[26:00] Substance – Relish
[34:15] Maus & Stolle – Taxi
[41:10] Farben – Loop.Exposure
[51:30] Thomas Brinkmann – Karin
[53:50] Paul St. Hilaire – Witaattitude
[57:35] Maus & Stolle – For Your Ears Only
[62:25] Ø – Atomit EP
[65:20] Akufen – 1.2

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mnml ssgs » sunday sounds: neel

i am a bit slow this sunday, but that’s ok, because this beauty is good for any day of the week. neel has kindly passed on this new mix that he finished a few days ago, which is pushing on the deep house tip. for me, normally house goes better with summer, but this suits a cold winter sunday perfectly. all the records here are so warm and comforting – it is kind of like a lovely musical fire that heats you up. not much else to add, like most of the stuff i post on sunday, this is a mix filled with excellent records where the DJ lets each one breathe and speak. just how i like it.


XLR8R Audio Podcast » Motor City Drum Ensemble

As his Motor City Drum Ensemble moniker implies, Stuttgart’s Danilo Plessow is a fan of classic Detroit techno, but, as this exclusive mix shows, the man also has an affinity for old-school Chicago house, not to mention vintage soul and disco. Through his Raw Cuts series and releases on the Four Roses label, Plessow has developed a hypnotic deep house sound that simultaneously reveres the past while remaining clearly focused on the future.

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01 Latecomer “Cosmic Part” (Faces/MCDE)
02 Jacob Korn “Selene” (Running Back)
03 Code 6 “Beyond the Bassline” (Nu Groove)
04 This Ain’t Chicago “Ride the Rhythm” (Parisonic)
05 Mijan “Alright (SG Dub)” (Slip n’ Slide)
06 Peak Hour Rhythms “Disco Diva” (Nervous)
07 Ursula Rucker “Electric Santeria (King Britt Mix)” (Five Six)
08 Ron Trent “Altered States” (Warehouse)
09 Ben Klock “Viscoplastic” (Deeply Rooted)

nightspecial: Mixotic 200 » Anonymous – 200.9.hours


Download a never-ending party to celebrate the 200th Mixotic release! This means: 200 tracks in 9 hours! Every track is a netlabel release from the year 2009. This session was recorded secretly during an excessive party night on planet Mixor. The DJ is a weird looking extraterrestrial, all we know about him is that he was active on Mixotic before while he was living on earth…