Ulro – Remnants Of Those Days

All elements of this 3-piece form were produced in the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. Originally these were intended to be put into cassette tape under different moniker but finally it has never been executed that way and only very close group of family and friends ever had a chance to have a listen.

This material has a very special meaning to me. I’ve been working on these pieces during very difficult time, while undergoing critical “rite of passage” of myself into kind of a different way of living. Many emotions and uncertainties are contained in these three ambient tracks along with nostalgia and affection towards past, childhood and adolescence which drove me very strongly that time.

This is why I decided to give it “another life” and publish here after some cosmetic changes of titles.

The tape loop inspired production style is very rough and outcome may be seen as harsh and noisy. That was the original intention to create very “crude” compositions collated into 3-track EP with melodic form deteriorating more and more with each successive track. The aim was to capture the certain history of destruction as it was perceived by me that time.

“Dedicated to all of those that survived as remnants of those days”


1. Sun In September 09:47

2. Broken Hope 06:16

3. Remnants Of Those Days 07:16