Heavenchord – On a Beach of Infinite Worlds

Default Position are proud to announce brand new dubtechno EP –
“On A Beach Of Infinite Worlds” by Heavenchord.

The title track takes us on a journey to the ethereal shores of a far away star. Sit back and let your imagination run wild as we explore this alien dub landscape, awash with ocean waves and the distant calls of sentient sea gulls.

Up next we have “Aqua Laboratorium Dub” – a delicious groovy cut, laced with bubbling atonal frequencies and throaty dub chords.

To conclude the EP, Heavenchord takes us to his deepest depths with “Metanoia”. In this final track we hear intricate detailed glitches and textures dancing playfully among cool tones and mangled piano chords, leaving us with a lasting impression from the Armenian dub techno master!