Contium releases “Sonic Points” on cassette

After their last two vinyl releases, the Argentine-German duo comes in a new format. The new material called Sonic Points is available on cassette and digital files.

The five tracks on this 30 minutes tape lead us through different scenarios: side A begins with “Pylon” and “Ribbon Windows” showing Contium’s view of dubtechno and the characteristic echoes. The third track called “Roof Terrace” is a stepping, techno tool with heavy bass line. A pulsating ambient-dubtechno called “Free Plan” opens the B side, which closes with “Façade”, a techno tune with a melancholic, four-chords harmony.

Contium sonic explorations started over a decade ago. Since then, their journey through the vast universe of electronic music has taken them beyond limits of genre classifications. Contium live acts are based on improvisation, so every performance is unique. In 2015 they launched their own label, releasing ‘Aeromagnetic Wave EP’ and later ‘Metroide EP’ in 2016.