Grad_U – Redscale 08

Redscale…..need I say more. Be warned ‘Extrasolar Moon’ packs some serious weight!

It is extremely difficult to detect an ‘Extrasolar Moon’ and this analog dub techno cut has been proved to be as close to the free-floating planet as possible. Its bassline-driven raw jacking acid techno is perfectly aligned with grad_u’s signature heavily echoed dub, and the only thing that protects one from escaping the orbit is flipping to side B. There one’ll find yet another 10+ minutes of goosebumps, this time erected by ‘Geomagnetic Storm’, a pure and emotionally vigorous dubbed out bomb.

The 12” from Redscale is an ultimate equity between the outer space of a dancefloor and the inner self of the mind. Last but by no means least is the fact it has been mastered at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

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