Bioroot – Liftoff

I’ve been following Bioroot for sometime on soundcloud now and have been asking when on earth he will be releasing all his music (because it sounds bloody good!). Finally I am pleased to announce the new Bioroot Album ‘Liftoff’. A two sided 12 track limited edition 50 copy cassette Album – Including 2 bonus tracks (incl. digital copy) is available as well as a digital only album. It comprises a collection of tracks made over the last couple of years with some of the very first public Bioroot material.

• full color printed 300gsm eco-natural 100% recycled light brown/grey J-card insert
• red C-90 cassette in transparent case
• each tape is hand-numbered by the artist.
• 50 copies available
• bioroot sticker included
• 2 bonus tracks (only on the cassette)

Artwork by Steffen Knoesgaard (
Mastered by zzzzra (


1.90BRDM 02:32
2.90LDF 06:08
3.110TITITI 04:00
4.117LOWPAL 05:52
5.122DPW 07:44
6.122SLTD 08:03
7.126XYWZ 05:06
8.125blaze 02:52
9.128SWTS 08:22
10.120SSOB 06:36
11.112DITZZ 02:23
12.1128WIZZ 07:21