FunkyJeff – Space 8 Mix

Pete Namlook, The Fires of Ork, Steve Roach, The KLF, Autumn of communion and Michael Sterns on the 8th volume of ambient mixes called Space. File under : Ambient and Space music. Always trying with these mix to drift in to outter Space.  Michael Sterns’s Planetary unfolding hails from 1981! Truly a masterpiece. There are not many deep space albums that evoke such beauty throughout its entire runtime. It’s a visionary dive into forever. Essential.  It’s been reissued last year but sadly in small quantities on the label Sonic Atmospheres.

1) NASA intro
2) Pete Namlook : Wind
3) Fires of Ork : Gebirge
4) KLF : This is not what Space is about
5) Michael Sterns : Planetary unfolding
6) Autumn of communion : Autumn Echoes Part II
7) Deep space network : Ten waves (live at xl)
8) Alexis Nembrode : Wind Whisperer