MT Flat presents “Görli Skunk”, out now on Kitchen Smoke Records.

MT Flat presents his Dub Techno EP ‘Gorli Skunk’. Two tracks influenced by deep and spectral atmospheres and also some experimental grooves.

An project run by Guglielmo Rumore; Italian producer and performer.
After he has been travelling around Europe playing bucket drums in the streets. He decided to move in the Berlin to study music production & sound engineering.

His music is a fusion between different production styles, since he’s still discovering his own way to do it; from Dub Techno ‘till Future Garage passin’ thru House music and Hip hop.
His sounds are strongly characterized by deep and spectral atmospheres, lo-fi textures and experimental and modern rhythmic grooves.

The artist described Mtflat project as ”the feeling you had when you were child, the first time your parents were leaving you alone at home but also the feeling to smoke a cigarette alone in a park after work. In short, my music is being alone and enjoy that moment”.

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