Echogarden – Compilation #2

We started this project in 2015. By asking for contributions, every producer had the chance to be part of this release.

The response was overwhelming! Over a period of two months we received 75 tracks from artists all over the world. Each one unique and wonderful. It was a great pleasure to listen through all the tracks and to hear the ideas of each producer. But from there we had to make the tough decision of selecting the right tracks. One thing was clear from the beginning: This won’t be about names but about music!

Through a carefully planed decision making process with different members of the echogarden community involved, we came up with the following twentytwo tracks, available as digital download and on two CDs. We hope you enjoy this journey through the deepness of electronic music as much as we do.

At this point we want to thank everyone who contributed a part to this project. Thank you for all your awesome tracks, whether they made it on the compilation or not: It was a great honor to receive all your ideas!

Also, our special thanks go to “Salz” and his wonderful mastering.
Specially when it comes to dub-techno, mastering by Salz is a masterpiece:


1.Tripsolate & Redundaent – Ucei 08:37
2.Matthias Haiker – Southwest 05:52
3.Planetary Secrets – Blue Palm Trees 07:40
4.Doyeq – One Hundred Meters Outside 08:39
5.Jay Phonic – The Return Of The Gardenbirds 06:09
6.Martin Nonstatic – Full Moon 08:11
7.Owen Ni – Echoes Of The Troubled 06:33
8.Orson Throb – Coaxial Clouds 07:58
9.Sub.Made – Elise II 05:03
10.Upwellings – Under Trees 06:09
11.Katsuyuki Taguchi – Mirror 06:21
12.Takuya Morita – Rainy Evening 07:43
13.Hydergine – Ecstatic Garden 07:29
14.Narcotic 303 – Echo Of Illusion 06:19
15.Rjega And Schinzel – Glarea 07:33
16.Monodisc – Distant Echoes 06:42
17.Alex Humann – Violet Violence 07:22
18.Federsen – Exit 07:48
19.Ivan Viña – Plage Du Nord 05:47
20.Foerster – Fruits Of Africa 07:49
21.Frank Sebastian – Greeley Haven 07:41
22.Asphalt Layer – Inside Their Minds 07:07