Deep Diversity vol. 3 Deep Electronics Compilation

Welcome to the third Deep Diversity compilation by Deep Electronics. Again a fine collection of tracks from the deep music genre. All producers have already been envolved in creating a set for the podcast series or netlabel release and now been compiled on this album with a unique track, upcoming release or already released track.

The compilation is also available in CD format and comes in a cardboard sleeve. Handstamped and numbered. Includes a printed artwork specially designed for the compilation by Melanie Antrom.

The cover, inlay and the specially printed photography are designed by Jeroen from Deep Electronics.

Edition of 30 copies. Every artist on this album gets a copy as a thank you gift for joining this compilation. And the remaining copies are available here for the listeners and followers!


1.Dimitris Palikaris – Dawn 05:51
2.Spilt Silo – Into Liquid You Go 08:13
3.Kris Dubinsky – Valentino 09:17
4.Terminal Sync – Vantaa 06:06
5.Solef – They can’t understand 07:11
6.Shaded Explorer – Shelter in The Fog 07:45
7.Ocralab – Fractus 07:36
8.Francesco Belfiore – Dubb One 08:17
9.Monoform – The Sentient 06:52
10.DanielVee – I can’t stop this 06:27
11.Triames – Vanish 07:54
12.Headliner – Planck Epoch 09:46
13.Sleep Orchestra – Skypool 05:05