Help Run On Recordings press 1st vinyl release!

Run On Recordings is ready for it’s first appearance on wax.. But, we need some help from you guys!

Owen Ni is an American Producer, DJ, and owner of the label Run On Recordings. Owen launched his label at the beginning of 2015 and has released several artists’ work as well as his own on the label. The label sometimes makes limited CD copies of their releases. But now, Owen thinks it’s time to see how many people want to see the label release something on everyone’s favorite, vinyl!

The goal is simple really. Owen has decided to write 2 brand new tracks just for this campaign. To press it to vinyl we need to raise at least $1,070. The vinyl will be a 7″ record. pressed at Disc Makers. 200 of these records will be in existence. All ‘randomly colored’ meaning any possible combination of colors could be mixed or used. Once I receive these 200, they will be put up on the bandcamp shop as the label’s first vinyl release.

A lot of people love vinyl, and we have always dreamed to release something on vinyl. But since Run On Recordings is a one-man operation, crowd funding is the closest way for the label to ever achieve such a goal.

Visit Indiegogo and pledge