spiel:feld Podcast 064 – Alex Humann – Fracture

Enjoy our 64th episode of spiel:feld´s podcast series – this time compiled and mixed by Alex Humann !!!

about Alex:

Multidisciplinary artist and musician born in Madrid (Spain-1979) Lover design, architecture and art in all its expansion, During his youth it is influenced by different music styles as the SintPop, punk rock, metal etc … but it is probably the “Ambient” a deep interest woke it up in his life as artist. In the late ’90s began his interest in electronic music composition where the influence of ambient, techno and underground deep sounds are shaping their own sound.In 2011 after a long creative period collaborating with top artists decide to shape his new project.

2014 is the year, 3 albums released (SUB.SPIELE , BETYAR RECORDS AND ETOKA RECORDS) and incorporating the exclusive MIXCULT TEAM, are a small introduction of what this artist can say.Currently immersed in the production of their fourth album, and edition Mixes for labels around the world, which will lead your vision of ambient sounds / techno and deep to unknown landscapes.


01. Wonderful Wanderer – Logos // SUBSPIELE RECORDS

02. Zzzzra – A1. L’Entraide (Dilemme Du Prisionnier) // TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES

03. Kris Dubinsky – Sub Specie Aeternitatis // SPIELFELD RECORDS

04. Basicnoise – Sphex (Zzzzra Remix) // KLANGSCHLEIFE 


06. Warmth – Two Parts Of Same Thought // ETOKA RECORDS

07. B2. Plastic – Untitled // STROBELIGHT NETWORK
08. Zzzzra – B2. Dans Ma Boite Au Repos // TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES
09. SONMI451 – Spheres & Architectures // U/COVER TRANSPARENTE