[Dub Techno Vinyl] Infinite Loops – Dirt EP

I’m sharing this release with you because I am utterly in LOVE with ‘Persiflage’. A beautiful, melodic, uplifting gem of a track. I’ve only recently discovered Night Time Drama, but be sure to check out their previous 2 releases as they are equally brilliant.

The third installment for Nightime drama returns with Infinite Loops presenting something special again with his non conformist sound. The title track Dirt, a what could become a staple in the dub techno world. A mission in a sandstorm.. Espionage in the desert.. Moody, driven with gritty stabs and textures surrounded with experimental atmospheric elements. Deep and dubby, a real masterpiece and a must have track!

If you loved NTD001 then you will find persiflage takes it to the next level of what you would call the Infinite Loops hypnotic groove. Beautiful,sparse,unpredictable chords that hide and jump out backed with driving beats! Both tracks complimenting each other on this high quality release topped off with mastering by the brilliant Stefan Betke (aka Pole).



1. Dirt
2. Persiflage

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