[Dub Techno Release] Warmth – Dopamine EP (Etoka Records)

Another stunning release from Etoka Records. Warmth has been one of my artists to watch this year, he’s had a number of releases this year and his production is always spot on.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Dopamine (Ambient Reprise).

Everlasting vast spaces covered with warm ambient sounds and dub chords” Warmth – a new artist of our fresh music project called ‘Dopamine’ – mainly focuses on Downtempo & Dub Techno genre and attaches a very new personal vision to his work. His long ambient lines, and melancholic mood leave you with a beautiful unforgetable feeling.

Etoka Records


1.Dopamine (Original Mix) 10:12
2.A Dusty Place In The Head (Original Mix) 11:25
3.Two Parts Of The Same Thought (Original Mix) 10:15
4.Dopamine (Ambient Reprise) (free) 03:45