Thrumcast 013 – Tiger Phong

“It was with absolute pleasure that I accepted to do this mix for Thrum Room. The selection process got me to dig in my old collection to pull out some timeless tracks such as the first EP on Trapez. I have tried to tell a story through the musical landscape, mixing genres that probably should not be
mixed together. Thank you Thrum Room.”

Tony Montana aka Tiger Phong, has been an integral part in the early house days of his adoptive second home, Cape Town, where his residencies and events played reads like a wish list for any local DJ. He also founded the Reset nights and co-founded the Francophunk parties. At present he resides in Mauritius where he juggles a day job alongside his beloved craft which he has been honing since 1998.

We approached Tony because the genre was out of his comfort zone, but knew that in his vast library of records he’d find what we were looking for, and he did.


1) Multipliar – Dead services

2) Millie/Andrea – Quay

3) Voices from the lake – Velo DI

4) Donnato Dozzy – Vaporware 3

5) Kornel kovacs – Szikra (Abdulla
Rashim remix)

6) Ryan Crosson and Aquarius Heaven –
Head Above Water

7) Bob Moses – Far from the tree

8) Groupox – Bungaloo

9) Basic Channel – Remake (Basic

10) Peter Van Hoesen – Attack on the
reality principle

11) Surgeon – Bad hands (Roly Vex’d

12) Millie/Andrea – Back down

13) Dop and Masomenos – Hello

14) Bob Moses – Interloper

15) Khidja – Mustafa (Timothy
Fairplay Remix)

16) Move D – Untitled B2

17) 04LM – M Place

18) Joris Voorn – Ringo

19) Kornel Kovacs – Szikra

20) Axel Boman – Hello