[Dub Techno Free Release] Giriu Dvasios – Namo LP

It is clear Giriu puts a lot of hard work into his releases, for the last few years Giriu has put out albums of excellent quality, I always put them in my ‘best albums of the year’ list and ‘Namo’ is no exception for 2014. Very much sticking to the stripped-down dub-roots sound in a lot of the tracks in ‘Namo’, Giriu puts his trademark sound on the album, and if I’m not mistaken I believe Giriu plays the guitar in a few tracks.

‘Namo’ also features a few more ambient feeling tracks such as ‘Snigo’ which is one of my favourites from the album and also a remix from Quantec.

Goes without saying I love this new album and it’s free but honestly for an album this big and good it deserves the 6 euro price tag via bandcamp.


1.Atgyja 04:14
2.Toks Gyvenimas 03:12
3.Tekanti Saule 03:14
4.Ezeruos 05:09
5.Ilgai 06:24
6.Ratu 04:36
7.Dvasias Sutik 03:53
8.Jura 04:24
9.Is Leto 04:54
10.Ruke 05:34
11.Snigo 05:29
12.Viltis 03:32
13.Valia 03:32
14.Sauleta 03:52
15.Ruke (Quantec Chacruna Remix) 05:51