[Free Dub Techno Release] Various Artist – Noesis (Energostatic 019)

Dear Friends and Listeners,

We are glowing with joy and radiant glory, as we celebrate one more year of Energostatic Records! These three years we were releasing music at a leisurely pace, helping young artists to get themselves heard and enlighten mental sparks of human cognition.

We explore the multi-dimensional manifold through musical impacts and we continue “Noesis” – purely intellectual apprehension of universal forms, the exercise of reason.

We are logic. We are dialectic.

We flow.

We send special thanks and warm greetings to all people that have contributed to the label or we have been working with along the way!

Oceanica by Kogyo
Code Groove by 110ml
Cold Peace by Atabey
Incognito by Random Walkers
Night Landscape by Pobedia
Paleocontact (Short mix) by Marc Atmost pres. Atmeo
Raymi (Coldest Version) by Ayqix
Raymi (Original Version) by Ayqix
Input by Izzat Man
Under the sky by Izzat Man
Grout by Jimmy Myhrman
Contours by Jimmy Myhrman
Continuum by Red Fractal
Direct Action by Red Fractal
Sequence (Dub) by Aspect
Winter by Textural Being

Playlist: Various – Noesis (Stasis 019)


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