[Mix] RA390 – Deepchord

Rod Modell is an artist very firmly associated with a particular style, namely dub techno. Since the late ’90s, the Detroit native has mined this murky and atmospheric sound, whether on his own or with Steven Hitchell as Echospace and cv313. Though clearly inspired by Basic Channel and its related projects, Modell has always been committed to moving beyond dub techno’s old testament, creating something fresh and modern with each new release. These days Modell is moving faster than ever before. He splits his time between Amsterdam and Detroit, and seems completely uninterested in the past, especially when it comes to his own music. Deepchord’s latest album, the almost beatless¬†20 Electrostatic Soundfields, is his most experimental yet.

On RA.390 we see him at his most unhinged, weaving a strange and dreamlike bricolage that’s at once completely new and unmistakably Deepchord.


Download RA390 - Deepchord