Thrumcast 009 – Segue

Thrumcast 009 being our first downtempo offering courtesy of Segue… an artist synonymous with the Silent Season label. 

Bio: Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada. He enjoys producing electronic music on his computer, everything from ambient and drone to dub and folk. With a keen attention to the sounds chosen in each composition, the music is built up of layers of tones and textures using recordings of acoustic instruments and everyday events. He has released several solo albums and collaborated with a variety of artists, some of which are available on record labels. For a full discography, please see segue’s discogs page


1) D|P 1.1- William Basinski

2) tape dub – Segue

3) Something Happened – Greg Haines

4) snow dub (smoked out version) – Segue

5) Ley Lines – David Daniell and Douglas McCombs

6) Angel Version (with Paul St. Hilaire) – Intrusion

7) What Remains Of The River – Nicholas Szczepanik

8) Default 1 – SM-LL

9) Smoke In Wood – Ferrein

10) Natural Dub – HIERONYMUS

11) Piano Garden – Sven Laux