[Free Release] Alan Backdrop and M. Martinuz – June EP

Here the new release from Ekar records, “JUNE” a free downloadable Ep made by Air Protection Office that include a wonderful Re-edit by Alan Backdrop and a special dubbed version by Mauro Martinuz.

spreading free music towards the people who are interested to receive it, with no worries…

Ekar is not an actual label. It’s a sharing-platform that allows A.P.O and some few close friends to publish their works, music and artworks. A tray to lay your own apple and pick the grapes of people you know since the childhood,with whom you shared experiences, sensations, the places you rised in: among these people you are on the same wavelength about musical taste and attitude. This tray, filled with “musical-fruits”, is surely kept for the house but also offered to anybody who wishes to hear rhythms and vibes from a non-metropolitan underground.

Download June EP