[Release] Fundamental Harmonics – Event Horizon EP [Lepton Quark 003]

With the track “Event Horizon” Fundamental Harmonics explores those boundaries around which the universe properties seems bended. The composition extends time, stretches the perception by working an echoed and hypnotic dub techno loop, eerie atmospheric synths, repetitive voice samples and distant choirs, still with a powerful low spectrum energy beyond.

Comes along with a refreshing, bright, slower and magnetic version from Bangkokian fellow Sunju Hargun AKA Moodwax. Sunju had collaborations with Microzoo, Daypak, his track “Down With You” was played by Martin Eyerer in his Kling-Klong podcast and he’s also getting support from Mark Knight.

Fundamental Harmonics previous 2 releases on Lepton Quark reached the top 10 sales on Whatpeopleplay.com. His track “Network Inhibition” was supported by Laurent Garnier in ” It is what it is” radio show and he played it again during his marathon set at the Rex Club for his 25 years career anniversary last month.