[Mix] Harrison – Hypersleep

What a great use of some of the all time classics!!! Incredibly well constructed, deep journey. Hats off to you Tommy.

This mix is dedicated by all those inspired minds and imaginations. Strap yourself in, and enjoy the journey into space and beyond!

This whole mix was done on my Turntables, CDJ’s, and was done live!

Please feel free to download, share, tweet, like, and comment. Mainly, turn it up and let your mind travel through the cosmos!




Harmonic 313 – Music Substitute System
Goldie – Timeless Intro
Goldie – Inner City Life
James Horner – The Queen
2001 A Space Odyssey – Sample
Vangelis – Launch Approval
Basic Channel – Radiance II Edit
2562 – The Times
Rhythm & Sound – Why
Tom Flynn & Shadow Child – Giant Woo
South London Ordnance – Big Boss Theme
Blakkat – Faux (Agnes South London Boro Mix)
Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Beat Pharmacy Mix)
South London Ordnance – Pacific
Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio Mix)
Rivet – Running
2562 – Redux
James Blake – Order
Leftfield – Inspection (Check One)
Sigha – Light Swells in a Distant Space
Special Forces – Propaganda
Apollo 18 – Sample
Photek – Rings Around Saturn
Leftfield – 21st Century Poem
Bladerunner – Main Titles

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Download Harrison - Hypersleep (83.5 mb)


  1. Nice track list, i listened the first two , i am convinced… thumbs up

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