[Free Release] SoulSonic – Joy of Being (CTR034)

A great start from one of my favourite labels of 2012.

This collection of tracks was made in quite a short period of time. It was during two months in the summer of 2012. I was feeling very well at that moment, i was in a state of harmony with everything around me, and my creativity was flowing effortlessly. I was in a state where i could make a new track every day. And i was feeling very well mentaly and physicaly. So i thought i have to move to a capital city where i could use my full potential to achieve something in music. So i moved to live in a capital city, a lot bigger city. I lived there for two months, and during that time my harmony with nature was destroyed, my creativity was down, my mental state became horrible and i was ill physicaly. So i saw no other option than to go back to my home town. Since i came back, i’m trying to restore my self to that state of harmony. So this album is where i’ve been and where i’m coming back.

The cover art of it features images of water crystals made by a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. Water from which these crystals came up from was exposed to various positive things, like positive emotions, positive words of gratitude, compasion. Some of these crystals represent water being exposed to prayers of monks or beatiful music, some of it naturaly forms these crystals if they’re taken from a natural environment, which is not distrurbed by a human. Water which was exposed to negative things couldn’t form any crystals, only chaos.This is very important to know, because it tells us that everything we create or express has an impact on our environment including other people. Also it tells you that you rather not expose your self to negative things. After all, our bodies consists mostly of water.

Cold Tear Records


1. There is Hope
2. Mantra
3. Who Is She
4. Bless Your Soul
5. Air
6. Faith
7. Everyone Has a Sad Story
8. After Many Times

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